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The French Manicure is one of the most classic nail designs out there, in our opinion. A simple coloured tip just exudes elegance and simplicity.

That is why we were excited to hear that a TikTok hack has been going around, and it promises the perfect French manicure in a matter of minutes.

So, we put this hack to the test to see if it really works.

The hack for a flawless DIY French manicure

You need a silicone nail stamper to get the perfect French tip shape in less than five minutes. Start by applying a small amount of nail polish to the bouncy surface, before slowly pushing the tips of your nail into the colour.

If everything is done right, it should leave behind a flawless tip. Other users have been using an everyday makeup sponge instead and have reported similar results.

Some users who use the makeup sponge technique mentions that it results in easy application but requires some practice.

Here’s an example of how it’s done:


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Trying the hack ourselves

Tiktok Tip Hack Trying it Out

I opted to use an old makeup sponge as I didn’t have a silicone stamper. I applied some black nail polish, which was the only one I had at the time, to one side of the sponge and then slowly dipped my finger in.

Just a tiny bit of pressure was enough to sink in a large portion of my finger. I immediately realised that it was too much, and that it did not fit the shape of my nail tip at all.

Tiktok Tip Hack Verdict

When I examined my finger, it did not look like the perfect French manicure I was promised. Instead, it looked like I had been careless with some ink and forgot to wash it off.

Not only did it not look good, but it was also impossible to wash off the polish for the makeup sponge I had used. You need to be okay saying goodbye to your trusty sponge if you’re going to attempt this hack.

Our verdict

While this viral TikTok hack may promise the flawless French manicure of our dreams, it is definitely more difficult than it seems.

You would likely need numerous attempts to get this hack right, which would definitely bring the time over five minutes. But perhaps future attempts might shorten your overall time.

All in all, we’d say this TikTok hack isn’t for us – we’ll leave it to the professionals at our go-to nail salon.

Featured image credit: naileditbyvic