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While your doctor probably advises against consuming buttery pastries on the daily, it’s perfectly acceptable to smell like them every day, right?

Fans of Tiong Bahru Bakery, you’ll be glad to hear that the artisanal French bakery announced that they will be bringing back their iconic hand washes based on their delicious baked goods, and introducing an all-new scent.

If you love the warm and enticing experience of walking past a bakery and getting a whiff of their tempting fresh bakes, these are for you.

The Brioche N°1 hand wash is back

Inspired by their classic brioche loaves, the Brioche N°1 hand wash was met with immediate success back in 2021 for replicating the pastry’s delightful scent. It contains sweet notes of vanilla and caramel, and also has a touch of fruitiness from hints of pineapple.

The clean and simple design of the bottles also seem to mimic that of luxury perfumes, such as the classic Chanel N°5.

Scent notes from the Brioche No. 1 hand wash:

  • Top: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Green Apple
  • Middle: Muguet
  • Butter Base: Yeast, Amber, Vanilla, and Musk

They’ve released a Kouign Amann hand wash too

Photo source: pexels

You might want to try the bakery’s all-new creation as well. Based on the delicious layered pastry that’s filled with sugar and butter, the Kouign Amann N°2 has an even stronger resemblance to the actual version.

The sweet and salty aroma of butter, caramel, and nuts is immediately recognisable upon the first pump, and underlying woody and floral notes help to tone it down by just a touch.

Scent notes from the Kouign Amann N°2 hand wash:

  • Top: Flaky dough, toasted almond
  • Middle: Salted butter
  • Base: Sugar

Both the Brioche N°1 and Kouign Amann N°2 are currently available at all Tiong Bahru Bakery outlets, their online store, and multiple delivery partners while stocks last. They are both priced at S$24 per bottle, or S$42 if you purchase a set of two. While stocks last!

With either of these scents, you’ll be smelling like a walking irresistible treat in no time.