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We were busy browsing social media when this adorable picture of a pile of jellies on top of a glass dish popped up on our feed.

It looked so cute that we couldn’t resist but to click into it to take a closer look.

We were surprised to see that they weren’t jellies at all. In fact, they’re actually lip balms from the Korean beauty brand Tonymoly!

These Jelly Lip Melts are designed to replenish dry and cracked lips to leave them plump and hydrated throughout the day, thanks to the presence of vitamin E.

You can use this product during the day or night. If you want to use it as a lip mask, simply layer it on generously before bed to wake up with a soft pout.

Even though these aren’t jellies, they’ve got the bouncy texture of a jelly cake which melts into a smooth, nourishing oil with a glossy finish when in contact with your lips.

They also come in totally delicious jelly flavours such as watermelon, green grape, and lychee, which has got to be our favourite, because how often do you find lychee flavoured lip balm?

BRB as this is definitely going in our cutest lip balm collection. Will you be adding these to cart too?

The Tonymoly Jelly Lip Melt retails for US$9 (~S$12.27) on Ulta.

Featured image credit: Tonymoly USA