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Today’s market is flooded with toothpaste choices, from all-natural and fluoride-free variants to those with exotic flavour combinations.

But, do you really know everything about this oral care essential? Or have you been holding on to certain misconceptions about toothpaste that are being perpetuated?

Keep reading as Daily Vanity is here to debunk some of the most common myths about toothpaste that you should stop believing in, and also share with you how you can redeem a toothpaste sample for free!

6 misconceptions about toothpaste that you shouldn’t pay attention to

Your dental needs remain the same throughout your life

toothpaste myths tootbrushes oral hygiene photo source superkitina unsplash

Photo source: Superkitina/Unsplash

Just like how your skin’s needs change according to season and age, your dental needs will also inevitably change as you approach different stages of your life.

This also includes changing the oral care products that you use to give you the benefits that you need or seek at that point in time – it won’t make sense for you to still use a children’s toothbrush that you used to use when you were five!

Similarly, toothpaste is made with different functions and ingredients – and it’s up to you to find one that caters to your needs.

Some people require a toothpaste formula that’s specifically for sensitive gums while others are looking for a toothpaste that whitens teeth like the Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste, which can help fight stains and the yellowing of teeth effectively.

You can keep your teeth clean and white without professional cleaning as long as you use a toothpaste with tartar control

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Photo source: Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

Here’s another misconception that many of us believe to a certain extent: you can reduce your visits to the dental clinic as long as you beef up your at-home oral hygiene with brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning, and a mouthwash.

But sometimes, we may not remember to reach deep inside our mouth or reach every nook and cranny, especially the back of our teeth, with our toothbrushes, so there’s little to zero chance that your toothpaste with tartar control can reach every inch of your tooth to get rid of hardened plaque.

That’s why dental experts recommend that regular dental visits are a must to ensure long-term oral health – once every six months is the general rule of thumb. Doing so will also allow your dentist to flag up any cavity issues that you may have early.

Toothpaste does not have an expiry date

toothpaste myths toothpaste no expiry date photo source kampus production unsplash

Photo source: Kampus Production/Unsplash

Just like cosmetics and perishable foods, toothpaste does indeed have an expiry date too.

So, the next time you pick up that forgotten tube of toothpaste in your cabinet to use, be sure to check the expiry date on the cover.

DV tip: To keep toothpaste fresh, store it in a cool environment away from the sun and always put the cap back on the toothpaste.

You should brush harder to remove more stains for whiter, more pristine teeth

woman brushing teeth photo source national cancer institute unsplash

Photo source: National Cancer Institute/Unsplash

Sorry to burst your bubble, but brushing harder does not make your teeth cleaner or whiter.

On the contrary, too much pressure can actually damage your enamel and cause enamel erosion or receding gum problems. This, in turn, causes your teeth to become more susceptible to decay.

This is why most dentists recommend using soft-bristled toothbrushes that are gentle on the gums.

Changing your toothbrush every three months is also ideal as this helps ensure that the bristles are still effective in cleaning and bacteria accumulation on the toothbrush is minimal.

DV tip: If cleaner, whiter teeth are what you’re after, incorporate a whitening toothpaste like Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste in your daily oral routine instead to help you clear away existing stains more effectively while fending off future ones.

Fluoride in your toothpaste doesn’t do anything for your teeth

toothpaste myths fluoride no benefits photo source kev bation unsplash

Photo source: Kev Bation/Unsplash

Fact: Fluoride is actually one of the most useful ingredients in a toothpaste formula as it helps keep cavities away and support tooth enamel, according to an official document on public health by the European Commission.

In the article, it’s said that “fluoride treatment regimens have been developed to prevent dental caries” – that’s the medical term to describe tooth decay. The article also shared that “direct, topical application” like a toothpaste “is the most effective way to prevent tooth decay” as it helps maintain fluoride levels in the mouth.

So, the next time someone you know attempts to spread misinformation by telling you that fluoride doesn’t have any benefits for your teeth, be sure to show them this article.

Bonus: Using citrus fruits to remove stains and whiten teeth

toothpaste myths citrus fruits remove stains photo source anna nekrashevich pexels

Photo source: Anna Nekrashevich/Pexels

This isn’t exactly related to toothpaste but you may have heard “tips” from people that citruses can help rid teeth of stains and leave you with whiter teeth over time.

Just like all the toothpaste myths we’ve busted earlier, this is yet another misconception that can do more harm than good for you as citrus fruits tend to cause demineralisation.

Demineralisation of the teeth is a process where the acids in citruses soften and break down your enamel to expose dentin (that’s the yellowish tissue beneath the enamel), giving you the appearance of yellow teeth over time.

Our advice? Go for a safer, more effective alternative like the Darlie All Shiny White Enzyme Supreme Toothpaste to achieve the dazzling white teeth you’ve always wanted.

Darlie All Shiny White Enzyme Supreme Toothpaste: What’s unique about it

It’s a dual enzyme formula

darlie all shiny white supreme enzyme toothpaste styled

Photo by Daily Vanity

We’ve mentioned Darlie’s All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste and you must be wondering, what’s so special about this whitening toothpaste?

Well, this is no ordinary whitening toothpaste as it’s a dual enzyme formula that’s powered by two natural enzyme compounds, namely papain and glucanese, to repair stained teeth while remaining gentle on the enamel.

With the natural enzymatic formulation, you don’t have to worry about your toothpaste posing other risks to your teeth as it delivers an effective brightening action.

Offers five times more stain-fighting power to dissolve stains

darlie all shiny white supreme enzyme toothpaste texture floral fresh

Photo by Daily Vanity

Apart from natural enzyme compounds, Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste also contains micro-whitening agents that offer five times better stain-fighting power to help dissolve stains and whiten teeth effectively – check out our seven-day review of the toothpaste formula here!

Capable of forming a high-density shield over teeth

darlie all shiny white supreme enzyme toothpaste group

Photo by Daily Vanity

Additionally, Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste is a triple-action formula that’s also said to boast the ability to form a high-density shield over your teeth which protects them from future stains.

What exactly does this protective shield do? To put it plainly, the shield lets you enjoy your favourite food and drinks and still confidently flaunt your white, bright smile without worrying about your teeth getting stained or plagued by dental plaque from your daily meals.

woman showing off white teeth smiling photo source lesly juarez unsplash

Photo source: Lesly Juarez/Unsplash

Besides the Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste, you can also consider checking out the Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Toothpaste (S$5.90) which has anti-oxidant coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

The Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Toothpaste comes in two flavours: Refreshing Mint and Edelweiss.

Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste comes in two flavours – Fresh Mint and Floral Fresh – and each retails for S$5.90. Find it at major supermarkets, hypermarkets, and pharmacies as well as online at ShopeeLazada, and Redmart.

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