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Why give up on the dream outfit that you really fell in love with and that you know will make you look your best during Christmas, Chinese New Year or at every party? These top 5 treatments recommended by Dr. Ivan Puah of Amaris B. Clinic will help you get one big step towards fitting beautifully into your dream dress and tuxedo (yes, there for men too!) in time to fulfil your new year’s resolutions.

1. Flaunt cropped tops with ease


There’s nothing to adore about love handles – they’re what make exposing our midriff a nightmare. Thankfully, you can get rid of it with the VaserLiposelection (VASERlipo) procedure. Designed to eliminate fat from areas of the body including love handles, tummy and thighs, VASERlipo is a minimally-invasive ultrasound technology for body contouring.

How it is done: Strategically, the doctor makes small incisions on targeted areas and injects local anaesthetic to keep the procedure almost painless. A VASER probe is inserted into the fat layer where ultrasonic waves are delivered to break down fat. Fats that are broken down are removed, and the procedure is completed. The patient has to wear compression garments for a period of time.

2. Feel confident rocking a plunging neckline


A full cleavage will definitely help you stand out in a dress that features a low neckline. Standard breast implants may be the most known way to achieving a more enviable bust line, but if you’re looking for a naturally-looking and less invasive alternative, look no further than the signature treatment of Amaris B. Clinic –  ADR-C Breast Enhancement. This kills two birds with one stone by grafting unwanted fat from areas such as your abdomen or thighs, and transferring the centrifuged fat into your breasts to boost their appearance.

How it is done: Excess fat tissues from selected parts of the body is acquired via fat removal. The fat tissue is carefully purified and harvested so that the integrity of the fat cells is preserved. Then, the centrifuged fat tissues are injected to the breast area, ensuring higher level of acceptance by the body, and no risk of ruptures, leaks or shifts that are commonly associated with implants.

3. Look a million bucks with curves


While we can give our breasts a fuller look with the help of padded bras when wearing a figure-hugging dress, it is difficult to fake the appearance of curvy buttocks, which make any woman feel more confident in a dress like this. Thankfully, Buttock Enhancement is an aesthetic procedure you can consider to help you achieve curvier buttocks without complications.

How it is done: Using fat removal technique, excess fat tissues on the body such as the stomach and hips can be harvested and then re-injected skillfully into the buttocks to sculpt the contours you desire. As the fat tissues belong to the patient, there is little chance of rejection, and is a lot more natural-looking compared to traditional butt implants.

4. Show off your arms in a sleeveless dress


Unfortunately the effects of ageing, environmental and lifestyle factors may have caused skin to sag and aged. This is a condition that isn’t going to be resolved easily even with a consistent fitness routine or a healthy diet. Most formal gowns are sleeveless, and they tend to highlight skin on the neck and arms. If you’re hoping to make your skin around these exposed areas look tighter and tauter, go for the RE:VIVAL BodyWorks, a non-invasive procedure for a more beautiful silhouette.

How it is done: Using High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU) technology, the doctor targets problem area precisely and delivers ultrasound waves deep into the dermis layer of skin. The energy from the ultrasound waves is able to stimulate the production of collagen and achieve a tightening effect so skin looks more youthful and firm.

5. Look debonair in a fitted shirt


Men who want to look better in a snugly fitted shirt can achieve masculine-looking chest with the right procedure too. For men who are concerned with what’s commonly known as “man boobs”, doctors will be able to help with Gynecomastia Surgery.

How it is done: This isn’t just an aesthetic condition, but also a medical condition. During consultation, let your doctor know the goals you may have so he/she can plan the sculpting process to help you achieve the appearance that you want. The procedure involves reducing of excess fat tissues and removal of overly enlarged glandular tissues so that the chest area will look more defined and masculine.

These body procedures are recommended by Dr. Ivan Puah, who is reputed in body contouring procedures. The head of Amaris B. Clinic, Dr. Ivan Puah has been practicing aesthetic medicine for more than a decade.

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