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Women have always been obsessed with finding their holy grail beauty tools, and whether you are a beauty novice or guru, chances are that you’ve probably experimented with at least one beauty tool before. From high-end facial slimming devices to your run-of-the-mill eyelash curler, the list never ends.

Among this infinite list are well-known beauty must-haves, such as pimple patches and face masks – which you might have tried before. But have you heard of the Needle Spot Patch? Or a double layering mask that promises to give you that V-shaped jawline without going under the knife?

These, and many other beauty tools, are trending on e-commerce stores like Shopee currently and are enjoying good ratings (as many as 200+ five-star reviews!) on the platform so you know that those who bought them loved them too.

1. Jade Face Roller

Bestselling Beauty Tools Jade Roller

Traditional jade face rollers have been around for centuries – in fact, since the Tang Dynasty – and they’ve proven to withstand the test of time. Said to improve blood circulation and tone facial muscles, these face rollers are typically made out of jade or other gemstones, which are known for their healing properties. Having been carved from natural stones, it also means that each of these jade rollers is one of its kind. If you’re wondering if this beauty tool really works, the 160+ five-star reviews on Shopee probably gives you a good indication.

Jade Face Roller is available at Shopee.

2. Celderma Double Layering Mask

Bestselling Beauty Tools Celderma

This product is trending online after K-drama A-lister Song Hye Kyo is said to be a user of it.

Ergonomically designed for Asian faces, this mask is able to lift all the right areas and leave you with a sharp chin to die for. Made of premium grade cosmetic fabric from France, the Celderma Double Layering Mask is able to lift the face effectively, eliminating saggy skin and double chins. Testament to its increasing popularity, this mask has 130 five-star reviews, and also seen a whopping 60% increase in orders on Shopee from January to July 2019!

Celderma Double Layering Mask is available at Shopee.

3. Electric Facial Pore Cleaner

Bestselling Beauty Tools Blackheads Tool

Gone are the days where you worry about blackheads and clogged pores, wondering why your pore strips never seem to work. The Electric Facial Pores Cleaner removes blackheads and exfoliates your skin at the same time. With four different circular form probes to choose from, you can customise and switch out the heads to suit your everyday needs – even the toughest of blackheads won’t be able to escape this innovative tool.

With more than 250 five-star reviews, and an over 80% increase in orders on Shopee from January to July 2019, you can be sure that this tool will leave you with that clear mochi skin you’ve always wanted.

Electric Facial Pore Cleaner is available at Shopee.

4. Flawless Brows Electric Eyebrow Remover

Bestselling Beauty Tools Flawless Brows

See an eyebrow hair out of place and wish you could magically erase it? The Flawless Brows Electric Eyebrow Remover may just be what you’ve been looking for. This device is gentle and precise, and is able to painlessly remove unwanted hair with just one touch. This will end your struggle with tweezers that don’t cooperate with you or wondering if you should head to the salon for a quick touch-up.

The dermatologist-approved tool promises to be gentle even on sensitive skin, and the results it is able to deliver is evident from the 120+ five-star reviews it has received.

Flawless Brows Electric Eyebrow Remover is available at Shopee.

5. A’PIEU Madecassoside Needle Spot Patch

Bestselling Beauty Tools Apieu

You’ve heard of pimple patches. But have you heard of a needle spot patch? A’PIEU’s Madecassoside Needle Spot Patch promises to calm and relieve troubled areas using its “needle technology”. It contains 92% hyaluronic acid and 5% madecassoside, which are known for their water retention, soothing and repairing properties. You know what they say – no pain, no gain.

This product, which enjoys more than 80 five-star reviews, is frequently out of stock. If you’re interested to get it, remember to check back regularly to make sure you get hold of new stocks once they arrive.

A’PIEU Madecassoside Needle Spot Patch is available at Shopee.

6. Derma Titanium Microneedle Roller

Bestselling Beauty Tools Microneedling

Microneedling has taken off in a big way in salons, and in more recent years, microneedling devices for home use has also gained popularity.

The Derma Titanium Microneedle Roller, in particular, is one of the top choices in its category in Singapore. This product has seen a 3x increase in orders on Shopee from January to July this year and it shouldn’t be surprising to know that it has received more than 120 five-star reviews on the platform.

Said to be able to aid in scar and stretch mark removal, the Derma Titanium Microneedle Roller comes in six different needle sizes, all designed for a specific purpose. Suitable for all skin types, the roller is great for both professional or home use. Other functions that this microneedle roller promises to provide include cellulite treatment and even hair loss treatment.

Derma Titanium Microneedle Roller is available at Shopee.

7. Pritech Wireless Hair Straightener

Bestselling Beauty Tools Pritech

We all want great hair when we travel, because… Instagram photos! However, lugging a hair straightener can be quite a chore especially when we want to save more luggage space for our shopping haul.

This is probably why the Pritech Wireless Hair Straightener is gaining popularity on e-commerce stores. Small and portable, this has a wireless operation that you can use for 40 minutes after a full charge (using USB). It can be used for both curling and straightening so you can change up your styles effortlessly.

This device has received more than 120 five-star reviews and shoppers said that the product has met their expectations and that they’re very happy with their purchase.

Pritech Wireless Hair Straightener is available at Shopee.

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