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Whether it is to make limp hair look fuller, or to slow down the rate of hair shedding, visiting a trusted trichologist means you can receive professional help to revive your crowning glory. We visited the DRx Trichology Centre, part of the DRx Medispa offering, and found out how they help their clients. Here are five experiences at the DRx Trichology Centre that surprised us – and we’re sure you would be too.

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1. An honest trichologist won’t say what you want to hear, but what you need to hear


“Early treatment is crucial. Once you see bald areas with no hair follicles, we can no longer do anything for the portion. If the area is small, we can consider transplant, but if the area is too big, not even transplant can help,” explained Peggy Goh, Principal Trichologist at DRx.

We are (pleasantly) surprised by just how honest Peggy was with her assessment. She says it as it is, and gives professional advice without trying to hard-sell or over-promise results. Everyone’s condition is different, a personalised and honest analysis is exactly what you need to set the right stage for results and reasonable expectations.

2. You may be asked to go through a blood test

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… not just that, it could be other diagnostic tests that you think would only happen at a medical check-up.

While the cause of hair loss for men is usually hereditary, hair loss factors for women aren’t as straightforward and can be triggered by many different conditions and circumstances. As such, it is sometimes important for the trichologist to eliminate the possibility of certain disorders, and this can only be done through diagnostic tests. And these can include a blood test, hormone level test, or even a scalp biopsy, where a small section of scalp (usually 4mm in diameter) is removed and examined under the microscope.

We were surprised but glad to know that the analyses and treatments are all backed by medical science and don’t merely involve application of products on the scalp.

3. Your scalp needs an “exfoliation”


You’re probably familiar with regular exfoliation for your facial skin and know that this is an important part of a comprehensive skincare routine to keep your skin healthy. Our scalp is after all, an extension of our skin, and it probably isn’t all that surprising that we need to exfoliate it too; except that we don’t ever do it!

The DRx Purifying Therapy is the important first step to any hair care programme because this deep cleansing treatment helps to remove toxins and wastes from the deep tissues of the scalp, in order to loosen built-up impurities and secretions on it. Yes, pretty much like what exfoliation does for your skin. Who would have thought your skincare knowledge correlates to hair care too?

4. “Needles” and “fertilisers” can help nourish your hair follicles

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Any gardener will tell you that you have to loosen the soil and add fertilisers to it so that plants can receive more oxygen and nutrients. In some ways, our hair growth pattern can draw parallels to this. Our follicles need to be stimulated to promote nutrient absorption, and they need to be “fed” nutrients.

The DRx Intensive Hair Regeneration Therapy (IHR) involves the use of micro-needle to stimulate and promote cellular activity within the hair follicles, so nutrients can be absorbed more easily. Then, the therapist uses pharmaceutical grade range of hair growth factor (HGF), which Peggy describes as “fertilisers”, to provide necessary nutrients to the scalp. This treatment is usually followed up with the LLLT to further revitalise hair and improve blood circulation.

5. Laser treatment isn’t just for the face – it’s for the scalp, too!

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There are many uses for lasers: to correct myopia, and to resurface skin – but guess what – it can also be used on the scalp!

The lasers that are used on the eyes are of the highest level, and on facial skin are of a lower level; laser used on the scalp is of the lowest level. In fact, the lasers that DRx uses in its Low Level Laser Treatment (LLLT) are also known as “cold” lasers because they don’t release any energy in the form of heat at all.

It is believed that lasers help stimulate the follicles on the scalp, and the visible red light is absorbed by the cells to repair them. It may also help increase blood flow to the treated area. This treatment is performed to stimulate cell metabolism and protein production. Think of it as how plants need sunlight to be nurtured, the lasers work in the same way to encourage hair to grow from follicles.

While lasers sound intimidating, you really don’t have to worry about it at all – most people don’t feel any discomfort during this treatment.

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