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You’ve seen our articles and videos, and perhaps even wondered if testing products is all we do. Well, we wish! There’s actually so much more to it.

Are you ready to join us to see what a day at Daily Vanity looks like?

While trying out beauty products is indeed part of our jobs at Daily Vanity, there are many other important aspects as well. To give you a peek into our lives, we follow our editorial director Kristen for a few days to find out what a busy day looks like for her.

9am – 12nn: Spending time in the office

Triumph Review Internal Meeting

I like to hold meetings in the morning to catch up with my team when I am feeling the freshest and when everyone is still feeling perked up from their morning coffee. I find that it’s more productive than after-lunch meetings, when we tend to suffer from food coma – I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! These meetings are usually held to get status updates on current projects or to brainstorm for editorial and branded content ideas.

I find that most people’s attention span can’t last for more than 60 minutes so keeping it short and sweet means I get to pick everyone’s brains at their best.

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I spend the later half of the morning at my desk, clearing my emails and writing or editing articles. This is the quietest part of my day and it’s best enjoyed over a cup of earl grey tea and some easy-listening music.

12nn – 2pm: Workout

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If I can find the energy, I like to schedule some workout time during lunch. I know that many people like to hit the gym after work instead, but I usually find myself too drained to do so. Anyway, I also prefer to spend my time with my family when I’m done with work; I have a baby whom I send to a daycare centre and he sleeps by 8pm, so time with him is just too precious!

Triumph Mar19 product shot

My must-have: On days when I’m working out, the Everyday Essential bra also doubles up as a comfortable wear so I don’t have to change into a sports bra. It’s not just because its light and soft padding makes it feel super comfortable, its adjustable straps and padded fastening at the back also provides me with additional support.

2pm – 4pm: Attending events



We are often invited to product launches and press conferences, and you’ll see me at these events when I can take time off urgent work in the office. Going for events is a good way for me to network with associates in the industry and to keep up with current trends.

We have recently launched a lifestyle publication called Avenue One, which covers categories like food and travel. This means that I sometimes attend food tastings too! Yummy!

4pm – 6pm: Directing or presenting for a video

Triumph Review Filming Bts 2

When we need to do an outdoor shoot, we try to do it early in the morning or at around 4pm when it’s not too hot.

Triumph Mar19

My role at shoots is to communicate on the desired tone, style, and framing to the talents as well as the filming crew based on the relevant briefs.

When it comes to directing, I find that pre-production work is most crucial. Being very clear about the flow of each video and what I need to capture on camera in order to tell a good story, helps reduce the time the crew needs to spend on set.

Triumph Review Potm Bts

When I’m not behind the camera directing a shoot, I’m sometimes in front of the camera, presenting for a video.

My “homework” for when I need to present would be to memorise scripts. While a teleprompter helps me cover everything on the script, I find that I feel most confident and natural without one – so I often need to make a decision whether to use one or not!

My must-have: Besides sensible shoes, comfortable lingerie is something I can’t live without too. If I have a long day ahead, going from events to shoots, I’ll definitely reach out for my trusty T-shirt bra from the Triumph Everyday Essential line. It’s super comfortable and sits nicely under any outfit (even tight-fitting ones!). If you ask me, the right lingerie definitely makes me feel extra confident too.

7pm – 8pm: Spending time with family

Triumph Review 3

I try my best to get home by 7pm so I can spend at least one hour with my four-month-old son and be able to squeeze in some bath-time and play-time before he sleeps. Seeing him smile and listening to his coos and laughter are my greatest rewards after a busy day at work!

Getting ahead on a busy day

As you can see, my day may involve a lot of commuting, being outdoors and indoors, and require lots of energy most of the time. Here’s sharing with you my must-have essentials that power me through my day.

1. A bottle of water

Keeping hydrated is very important to keep me in good health and be able to keep up with all the high-energy activities. To remind myself to drink up, keeping a bottle of water with me all the time does the trick.

2. Dress comfortably

While I may choose to wear heels to events that have a specific dress code, I am typically in comfortable shoes so I can get around more effortlessly.

Triumph Mar19 product shot

I also slip into the Triumph Everyday Essential because it takes me from boardroom to ballroom. This bra is so versatile, I can go from a power dress to workout gear to flirty dress to suit every occasion I’m in.

3. Lipsticks

I have a rack just for lipsticks on my work desk. On it, I have a variety of lipsticks for different occasions: a bold red one, a two-toned one for a sweet ombre look, a nude one that goes with any occasion and look, a tinted lip balm… just to name a few. The collection of lipsticks helps to make sure that my makeup looks polished for every occasion I need to be in.

If you, like Kristen, lead a busy and fulfilling lifestyle and need a lingerie set that seamlessly complements every activity, check out the Everyday Essential collection. Find it at the nearest Triumph boutique to you.

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