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We’ve seen plenty of makeup transformation videos online, but it seems that none are as drastic as these!

Chinese makeup artist Tuzi has gone viral online for her astonishing makeup skills, which leave her clients virtually unrecognisable.

As a master of Douyin makeup, she’s been entertaining Chinese netizens with her almost surreal client transformations, from making a comedian look 30 years younger to giving an elderly grandma an adorably youthful makeup look.

Read on to find out more about this incredible makeup artist, and check out some of her wildest transformations!

The Makeup Artist

Credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu

Tuzi, the genius behind these transformations, is a makeup artist who runs the Starlight Rabbit Portrait Studio in Yunnan, China.

Apart from this main studio, she also has 17 studio branches in renowned tourist destinations across the country, which each offer unique makeover services for the photoshoot of your dreams.

From styles inspired by the unique cultures of China’s minority ethnic groups to historical hanfu-inspired looks, she’s capable of a plethora of makeup styles that cater to whatever her clients might prefer!

Plus, she welcomes apprentices with open arms, teaching them how to attain her level of mastery with makeup.

Her services include makeovers at 399 yuan (approximately S$75.98), and extend to photoshoot packages that range from 699 to 2888 yuan (approximately S$133.10 to S$549.92).

Credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu

Beyond her thriving business, she also boasts a huge social media presence!

With one million followers on Xiaohongshu and over six million followers on Douyin, it’s fair to say that Chinese netizens just can’t get enough of her mind-blowing makeup transformations.

In fact, her studios livestream makeup tutorials on Douyin every day, attracting a whopping one million viewers on average for each livestream!

The Transformations

As part of her wildly successful online series, where she challenges herself to give 100 people extreme makeovers, Tuzi has been flexing her makeup prowess by offering transformations to some of the most unexpected figures.

Credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu

For example, a video with comedian Tang Jianjun recently went viral for her ability to transform the 57-year-old entertainer into a “27-year-old”!

Utilising some incredibly well-placed contour and a trendy wig, she managed to sharpen Tang Jianjun’s features and smooth out any visual indicators of his real age, leaving him looking just like the charismatic main lead of a manhua or a C-drama.

The transformation was so effective that when Tang Jianjun video-called his wife after the makeover, she jokingly exclaimed that she didn’t recognise him at all!

Credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu

Another fascinating transformation featured a couple who went for the makeover service together, resulting in an enchanting couple photoshoot.

Through Tuzi’s makeup, the ordinary couple was given the sharp and elegant features of classic Douyin makeup, plus a full set of ethnic costumes and props.

They ended up looking just like a fierce army general and graceful princess from a historical drama, making the photoshoot a one-of-a-kind memento!

Credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu

Lastly, this viral video featured 72-year-old online celebrity Grandma Tian, who looked almost like a porcelain doll after Tuzi worked her magic.

With fluffy manhua lashes, rosy blush, and a radiant complexion, Grandma Tian looked just like the gold standard for Douyin makeup.

The look was completed with an elaborate get-up featuring a blonde wig and a silky gown to give her a princess-like aesthetic.

Would you go for an extreme makeup transformation and photoshoot with Tuzi?

Featured image credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu.