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After a hectic week at work, there’s nothing we look forward to more than a literal Netflix-and-chill session. But when we start morphing into a sloth on the couch over the weekend, we need to take our #selfcare game up a notch with a pampering treatment.

Naturally, our first course of action is to book a manicure and pedicure to keep our nails looking divine. After all, we tend to feel and look a little more put-together when our nails are filed and glossy. However, securing an appointment is another hurdle we have to jump over, especially if you’ve decided to get a mani-pedi session at the last minute.

Now, you can leave all your pampering needs to Urban Company. This mobile beauty service provides premium classic and express mani-pedis, but that’s not all they do. They’ve got a bliss list of the finest services specially lined up, including haircuts, sleek blowouts, as well as hand and foot massage add-ons.

Urban Company mani-pedi review: The booking process

Urban Company Booking Process

To help you plan your self-care sessions better, Urban Company’s quick and efficient booking platform allows you to book and enjoy your service within the same day. All you have to do is make an appointment at least two hours before your preferred time. The last available slot daily is at 8.30pm, which means you can make an appointment right after work too if you’re looking to relax at home for the rest of the evening.

To find out just how smoothly the service went, we asked one of Urban Company’s customers, Yu Ying, to walk us through her recent experience with Urban Company. For her, the entire booking process was seamless. The application was user-friendly, and it provided her with the right information and details she needed to know before booking.

After she chose her service, selected her preferred timing, and made a payment, a manicurist was assigned to her. As the other salons were fully booked, she was relieved that she was able to conveniently schedule a last-minute mani-pedi session. Everything was arranged within five minutes – from downloading the app to securing an appointment.

All she had to do on her end was ensure that she had sufficient space in her living room, a socket for corded equipment, and a comfortable chair for her to lounge in during the mani-pedi session. Simply put, she could enjoy a professional manicure session effortlessly without any special setup at home.

Before the service

Urban Company Cleaning Tools

Kim, Yu Ying’s assigned manicurist, arrived five minutes before her booking time, which was at 2pm. “The app displayed Kim’s temperature for the day – a feature I greatly appreciated, especially during a time of pandemic,” Yu Ying said.

After a brief introduction, Kim began to set up a station in the corner of the living room. She took out a brand new disposable mani-pedi kit, including floor sheets, towels, toe separators, a nail buff, and a nail file. These further gave Yu Ying peace of mind, knowing that the service prioritised hygiene and the customer’s health.

As soon as Yu Ying confirmed the nail shape and colour she desired, Kim proceeded to clean her tools with an alcohol spray and sanitised both their hands and Yu Ying’s feet to prep them for the service.

During the service

Urban Company Manicure Pedicure Service Closeup

Kim began by removing the previous gel polish on Yu Ying’s nails before trimming and filing her nails on both hands and feet. During which, Kim proactively checked with her to see if the nails were her ideal shape and size. Needless to say, Yu Ying was impressed by her meticulousness and professionalism.

Kim also trimmed some of the obvious cuticles on Yu Ying’s nails before buffing them. “She mentioned a lesser-known benefit of buffing your nails: it increases blood circulation on the nail beds, so my nails would grow quicker and healthier,” Yu Ying shared.

She liked that Kim was a trained professional who displayed great knowledge about nail care and could share useful tips, instead of a salesperson who pushed her to opt for a treatment package.

Urban Company Manicure Pedicure Service Feet

Before Kim applied the first coat of gel polish, she offered to let Yu Ying try the colours she picked on one of her nails before making a final decision. This gave her a good idea of what her nails would eventually look like.

As Kim worked on her hands and feet, Yu Ying was able to reply emails and even answer any work-related calls, all while she lounged comfortably in her home clothes. She liked how the service took place in her own home, so she didn’t have to put up with a crowded, noisy environment. Her other appointments didn’t have to be postponed either, as the session was done at a time that fit her schedule too.

After the service

Urban Company Review After

After the mani-pedi session, Kim cleaned up her work station and sanitised the tools again before storing them in her bag. She also handed Yu Ying the disposable items, such as the nail file, nail buff, and toe separators, so she could keep them for her next session.

The nail clippings and shavings were collected on the sheets Kim placed on the floor before she began. She wrapped them up and brought the sheets with her on the way out, so there was practically no mess. The living room looked just as clean before the service began!

Urban Company: Premium manicures & pedicures at affordable prices

Urban Company Manicure Pedicure Service

Currently established in four countries, Urban Company seeks to provide us with the ultimate convenience when it comes to beauty services. Simply download the app or head to the website and select your service of choice.

Opt for a classic gel manicure and pedicure, express manicure and pedicure, or even nail art if you’re looking for a creative set of nails. Urban Company’s nail artists are equipped with the right skills to give you a polished French gradient, minimalist lines and dots, floral designs, and marble effects.

In fact, every nail artist at Urban Company comes with at least eight years of service experience. Plus, they’re carefully selected to meet Urban Company’s standards to ensure you receive the best treatment. Rest assured, with its 4.7+ star rating, you can enjoy your pampering session without a worry.

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