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We’re sure you’ve seen the perfectly symmetrical faces of Korean celebrities. When viewed from the front, the side of the face down to the chin makes a perfect ‘V’ and is considered what is called an “aesthetic face”.

The V-shaped face is a highly sought-after look in Korea and the popularity of this beauty trend has spread throughout Asia and even to the Western countries.

There are many treatment methods dedicated to giving you the V line look. Among them are the V line mask, the V line massage, and the V line surgery, which is also known as facial contouring. But out of
these methods, which ones actually give you the V line look? Let’s look at each of them more closely.

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V line Mask

V Face Mask

These masks popped up around 2015 with many celebrities and influencers swearing by them. But do they actually work? Well, for the most part, they do have a slight effect, however it is not a drastic enough change to consider it an effective way to get a V-line look.

These masks use various ingredients like collagen to tighten up the jaw area, but its results are not permanent. Think of it as a spandex for your jawline that uses your ears or back of the head as a leverage to create a pulling effect. If your jaw is big due to your bone shape, then this method will most likely not work for you.

V line Massage

Another popular non-surgical method for achieving the V-line look is through facial massages.

There are numerous how-to videos online that provide simple tips for at-home massages you can do daily to improve the shape of your jawline. Many of them suggest massaging the sides of your face using your knuckles with slight force for better results.

Instead of doing it yourself, you can also get a facial massage at a spa. There are a few spas that provide packages (10-20 sessions) to help achieve a specific face shape, including the coveted V-line face. Face massages at spas can be slightly more expensive but can have much more dramatic results than at-home massages. Heavy force is applied to specific areas around the jaw and cheek and you can expect a slightly painful session. Even though the method is non-surgical, it does appear to have some sort of lasting effect compared to the mask or at-home massages.

V line rollers

V Face Roller

V line rollers are a popular tool for massaging your way to a V line. These tools use rollers or spinning balls to create a sculpting motion of the face line. The cheaper options are made from plastic but the more expensive ones use much harder materials such as steel.

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V line Surgery

The V line surgery, also known as facial contouring, is one of the most popular surgeries in Korea for reshaping the face line. It creates a slim lower jaw so that you can achieve a more streamlined profile. The procedure involves cutting of the jaw bone, specifically the chin area and the cheek bones, to create a V-line look from the front. Although it is a risky procedure, it produces permanent results. This is why many patients who want the procedure travel to South Korea and get the procedure done by surgeons that specialise in facial contouring.

V Face Surgery 1

Facial contouring, V line surgery from Regen Plastic Surgery in Seoul, Dr. Oh Myung June

Many people may be concerned about sagging, a risk associated with the V line surgery. This can happen as a side effect of the procedure because volume of face becomes smaller after the surgery.

If this is a worry, it’s a relief to know that Dr. Oh Myung June of Regen Plastic Surgery Gangnam promises a unique technique that leaves virtually zero sagging after the V line procedure.

V Face Surgery 2

Yura Shim, One of the participants in Let Me In Season 3

Dr. Oh was one of the chief surgeons featured on Let Me In, a variety show featuring people who go through dramatic transformation through plastic surgery, under the supervision of experienced surgeons.

Regen Surgery Let Me In

Dr. Oh on the set of Let Me In

Out of the three ways to get a V line look, surgery will get you the most dramatic results, as expected. But always consider the risks and when choosing a clinic and make sure the surgeon has the experience to give you your desired results in a safe manner.


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