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Love Van Gogh, and his iconic works? Get a hold of this: his legendary paintings, including the crowd favourite The Starry Night, have now been reimagined in the form of a makeup collection!

C-beauty brand INTO YOU recently launched a Van Gogh-inspired line comprising two eyeshadow palettes and five shades of velvet cream lipsticks.

Let’s check out this dreamy and celestial collection —perfect for an artist like you.

INTO YOU Van Gogh makeup collection

Credit: 清蒸大咸鱼_/Xiao Hong Shu

Right off the bat, the irresistibly stunning packaging dazzles our starry, starry eyes, with parts of the original artwork and the logo of the brand plastered over the exterior.

Eyeshadow palettes

Credit: 清蒸大咸鱼_/Xiao Hong Shu

The two palettes open to reveal four shades, of which two share a matte finish; the third, a shimmery tone; and the final one, a glittery topper. Needless to say, a small but mighty palette like this would easily allow for a myriad of eye makeup looks.

The first palette, aptly named “Mysterious, Starry Night”, presents four cool tones reminiscent of the colours used in his painting.

Set the outer corner of your eyes with the deep navy blue for a mysterious smokey look. Intensify the colour with the soft grey for a deeper tone, or contour your crease with it.

Then, highlight your inner corner with the shimmery, blueish-white to enlarge the appearance of your eyes, before topping off the look with the ethereal, sparkling silver glitter topper.

‘Green Wheat Fields in Orville’ pays homage to Wheat Fields with Cypresses and features four brown, earthy hues.

Likewise, the deeper brown can be used on the outer lid to create a deep sultry look, and the lighter brown, a transitionary shade with a greenish undertone, softens and feathers out the pigment towards the centre of the lid.

Brighten up your eyes with the shimmery greenish-white pigment before finishing off with the champagne gold glitter topper.

Cart out the INTO YOU Van Gogh eyeshadows for S$57.35 each on Shopee.

Liquid cream lipsticks

Credit: 清蒸大咸鱼_/Xiao Hong Shu

The five new painterly shades released include oranges, pinks, and reds—not exactly inspired by the colour scheme of his works this time, but still repping them on the packaging.

These liquid cream lipsticks claim to be smooth and moisturising, drying to a weightless matte finish. It also promises to be long-lasting, smudge, and flake-resistant.

Repping Wheat Fields with Cypresses yet again is this apricot milk tea shade of lip cream called “Spring Tender Tangerine”. This soft, refreshing “milk tea” shade will give your lips a natural-looking flush.

Credit: 清蒸大咸鱼_/Xiao Hong Shu

The Starry Night, conversely, is represented by a passionate red—”Excellent Bright Red”. This cherry “milk tea” tone, when saturated towards the middle to create a gradient effect, can offer a youthful, K-beauty look.

Next up—Cafe Terrace at Night, which is represented by “Amber Night Orange”, a terracotta-like, cherry blossom “milk tea” hue. This is perfect if you’re trying to achieve another iconic K-beauty look: the bitten lip look.

If browns are your thing, then “Warm Dry Wood” is right up your alley. A perfect nude, this chocolate milk tea lip cream draws inspiration from Vase with Twelve Sunflowers.

Credit: 清蒸大咸鱼_/Xiao Hong Shu

Spice up your pout with this final shade, “Clear Gray Rose”, representing Irises. This neon pink, strawberry “milk tea” shade does a great job accentuating the natural contours of your lips, making them appear plumper and fuller.

Cart out the INTO YOU Van Gogh lip creams for S$42.77 each on Shopee.