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Smearing your bedsheets with body lotions.

Can’t unlock your phone after applying body creams (because your hands are too slippery!)

And basically just feeling like you’ve fallen into a mixture of grease and heavy cream, and now your pores can’t breathe.

If the above scenarios describe your relationship with body moisturisers, well… you’re not alone.

Of course we’re also familiar with that “tight” sensation on our skin after we’ve stepped out of the shower, the “scaly” skin that looks super gross and remind us of a reptile (eww!), that itch we can’t resist scratching, or being more prone to paper cuts simply because our skin is just TOO. DARN. DRY.

In times like these, it does feel like we’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. To moisturise or not to moisturise? That is the question.

But hey, chin up – because we’ve got good news.

We apply face moisturisers every day because we have found options out there that feel super comfortable while delivering intense hydration to protect our skin. Our body moisturisers should be like so too!

Recently, we were introduced to a new body moisturiser that makes us feel like we’re ready to restart our body moisturising routine.

Here’s our new holy grail: Vaseline Body Gel.

Dv Vaseline Body Moisturising Whitening Gel All 1x1 2

Read on and find out how it’s different and stay till the end of the article to find out how you can receive a FREE sample!

Vaseline Body Gel: How is it different?

When you think “Vaseline”, the first thing that probably comes to mind is its famous Healing Jelly.

If you’ve been a fan of the Vaseline Jelly, you’ll be happy to know that micro-droplets of the jelly is found in the new Vaseline Body Gel so it delivers the same skin-repairing benefits as the famous Healing Jelly.

Dv Vaseline Bamboo Fresh And Hydrated Whitening Gel Texture 1x1

The first thing that you’d notice the moment you apply the Vaseline Body Gel is how lightweight it feels and how quickly it gets absorbed into the skin. Its unique water-based gel formula means that it doesn’t have the heavy, greasy sensation that you hate about other body lotions, creams, and butters out there. (Remember those icky scenarios we described at the start of this article?)

While many body moisturisers in the market make your skin feel uncomfortable and “choked” in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, the unique formula of the Vaseline Body Gel delivers a refreshing sensation and literally cools down your body temperature by two to three degree Celsius. Talk about a product that is made for the Singapore climate!

But what’s probably most unique about the product is this: just like face moisturisers, it offers skincare benefits on top of hydration properties. And that’s amazing – why shouldn’t we be caring for our body skin just like how we take care of our facial skin every day?

Dv Vaseline Body Moisturising Whitening Gel All Texture 1x1

Vaseline Body Gel comes with micro-beads that contain encapsulated skincare ingredients like jojoba seed oil, buckwheat, and vitamin E. These micro-beads burst upon application to give your body skin extra love and care.

Pick the right Vaseline Body Gel for you

There are three variants available in the range so you can choose one that fits your skincare needs:

If your body skin is dry and/or flaky, try Fresh & Hydrated

Dv Vaseline Bamboo Fresh And Hydrated Whitening Gel 1x1

Are you that girl with flaky, itchy skin and is super prone to paper cuts? This body gel is the one to go for.

Infused with Bamboo Leaf Extract to amp up the product’s moisturising properties, this product promises three times more hydration benefits than regular body moisturisers.

Bamboo is frequently found in Korean sheet masks that protect the skin’s moisture barrier, and is also a great skincare ingredient that helps eliminate the appearance of dark spots.

If your body skin looks dull and lifeless, try Fresh & Radiant:

Dv Vaseline Rice Water Fresh And Radiant Whitening Gel 1x1

If uneven skin tone, unsightly tan lines, and just looking like you can blend in with dusty furniture unnoticed sound like what your biggest skin concerns, then go for this variant.

This body gel contains rice water, an ingredient that you may have seen used in some luxurious skincare products. The ingredient is well-loved in the skincare market because of how it can help nourish skin while brightening it at the same time.

Fresh & Radiant delivers 10 times more whitening effects than your regular body moisturisers, so you can be sure that you’ll see skin that’s radiant and crystal-clear in no time.

If you’re concerned about signs of ageing, try Fresh & Youthful

Dv Vaseline Ginseng Fresh And Youthful Whitening Gel 1x1

Have you ever noticed the firm and bouncy skin of a baby? Everyone wants that youthful, smooth skin (maybe minus the baby fat!) and if the idea of youthful skin sounds like something up your alley, consider this Fresh & Youthful.

Containing Ginseng Extract, this body gel helps boost the skin’s energy to help it look fresher and healthier.

Ginseng is a well-known nourishing ingredient with anti-ageing properties, which includes improving the elasticity of the skin. Thanks to this super ingredient, this body gel is able to deliver 10 times more anti-ageing benefits than other body moisturisers out there.

Each of these body gels also has its own subtle and pleasant scent to sweeten your body moisturising experience even more. What’s not to love!

Now, try it for yourself

Dv Vaseline Body Moisturising Whitening Gel All 1x1

We can rave about it all day but you don’t have to take our word for it – instead, we invite you to try it for yourself. We’ve worked with Vaseline to provide Daily Vanity readers with samples that would be sent to your preferred address, so you can experience what we’ve just described and make your own judgement.

Vaseline Body Gel retails at SGD9.50 (180ml) each and is available at Guardian, Redmart, and Watsons.

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