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We want to look ready to ride off into the sunset with our husband-to-be on our wedding day and live forever in that fairytale moment! Needless to say, our hair plays a big part in bringing this fantasy to life. Think: Giant flower crowns, satin veils flowing out from bejeweled tiaras, gold-encrusted grecian head crowns.

Bridal hair accessories are beautiful for the romance and enchantment they bring to our wedding look. However, once we settle into post-wedding reality, the magic in these hair adornments fade and we suddenly see them as the overpriced extravagance they really are because of how impractical they are to be worn out in real life.

To ease the heartache you may feel later, you’d want to check out our recommendations of versatile bridal hair accessory styles that you can wear on your wedding day and beyond!

1. Jewelled headband

Try: Jennifer Behr’s Violet Bandeaux gold-tone crystal headband from Net-a-Porter (SGD687.34)

For the wedding

Keep it minimal by holding your hair together with a single simple accessory. You can never go wrong with a sweeping hair accessory like a clasp or band for the wedding that seems to flow gently along your hair, adding sparkle to it without stealing its thunder. Its simplicity makes this bridal hair accessory concept suitable for regular days when you’re inspired to add a touch of femininity and class to your look.

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After the wedding

A bejewelled headband or, toning it down a little, a bejewelled hairpin can definitely still play an important role in your off-duty looks! Wear it in your updo and look Instagram-worthy at dinner with friends, understatedly gorgeous at your company’s dinner-and-dance, and charmingly feminine on a post-wedding date night with your husband.

2. Bold flower in the hair

Try: LALANG’s Boho Rose flower headband in hot pink from Lazada (SGD5.40)

For the wedding

A simple bridal hair statement with bold colours can make you look sultry and desirable on your wedding day, while also adding flavour that plays up your daily look. Wearing colours like red and blue in a big way draws attention to your hair and face as you walk down the aisle, emitting #lit vibes.

After the wedding

The simplicity of the accessory is key to its versatility. Go for a solitary piece of bold-coloured floral headband or a soft-looking hair piece big enough to frame half your face. These can up your OOTD game by being a statement piece in an otherwise minimal get-up.

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3. String of flowers

“She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes”

For the wedding

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that wearing flowers in our hair brings out the magic in our eyes. Flowers, real or not, dotting our hair or interweaving with it evokes a sense of delicacy and whimsy that accentuates the sparkle in our eyes, the feature we want highlighted the most. It was a popular bridal hairdo in the Elizabethan era in England and has made a modern-day comeback. It also adds a botanical glow to your overall wedding look, making you look synonymous with nature and its beauty. 

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After the wedding

On your off day you can always re-wear tiny man-made flowers you wore on your wedding day or recreate the look by plucking or snipping your own tiny flowers and sticking them in your hair for a day out when you’re in need of a perk-me-up! It can’t get more versatile than that!

4. Birdcage veils

Try: Lace and flower birdcage headpiece from Lazada (SGD6.72)

For the wedding

Many of us love the idea of looking mysteriously beautiful behind a see-through veil, especially on our wedding day. Birdcage veils just big enough to cover the face are a popular choice for a versatile bridal hair adornment because of the glamour and class we exude through it while looking stylishly vintage. A simple light-coloured birdcage veil hair accessory with there-but-not-there embellishments goes well with a wedding dress of any colour and makes you look irresistibly femme fatale.

After the wedding

Wear it out to dinner with your new husband or friends, or to a themed party (The Great Gatsby themed dinner with your colleagues, maybe?) Enjoy the thrill of looking out through a veil of netting and batting your lashes at your husband both during and after your wedding.

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