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Every once in a while, a new viral trend makes us question everything we thought we knew about beauty.

Now, it seems that the latest weird craze to take over Chinese social media sites like Douyin and Xiaohongshu is the pursuit of “perfect hands”.

Credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.

Are these hands the new pinnacle of beauty, or is this a ridiculous passing craze?

Read on to find out more, including what netizens are thinking, and the relatively easy steps you’ll need to achieve this look!

What Are “Perfect Hands”?

Credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.

Many Chinese netizens believe that “perfect hands” should have a delicate and slender appearance, with pale skin, elegant long fingers, and prominent veins.

In addition, rosy knuckles help to enhance the appearance of one’s hands, giving them an added dimension, and injecting life into this look.

Netizens have noted that this trend seems to be mimicking common art styles found in Chinese webcomics, making you look like a manhwa protagonist who just stepped off the page!

How to Achieve This Effect?

In a video explaining this viral trend, Kyurin (@kyurindiary/TikTok) reveals how to achieve these coveted “perfect hands” in two easy steps.

Credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.

First of all, you’ll need tone-up cream as a base. Tone-up creams aim to fix dullness and discolouration by brightening your skin tone and blurring blemished areas.

These creams are usually visibly lighter than your original skin tone, so they’ll give you bright and fair (albeit slightly unnatural) hands!

Credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.

Next is the most crucial step, where you’ll add the important hint of redness to give your hands that perfect ethereal image.

Kyurin says that a velvety red matte lip tint will easily help you achieve this look.

By dotting the pigment on your knuckles and blending it out, you’ll get a charming rosy flush to your hands, just like an illustrated character!

What Are People Saying About This Trend?

On Instagram and TikTok, netizens have reacted with equal amounts of amusement and disbelief.

Several commenters find that this trend is innovative and looks attractive in photos, while some have pointed out that this trend isn’t entirely unrealistic.

After all, many people do have hands similar to this ideal, with netizens noting that this look is easy to achieve if one’s hands are cold.

However, users have also ridiculed the trend online. “So unnecessary in my opinion, next they’ll do this to their feet,” said one commenter. Another horrified netizen noted that “it’s looking like an infection.”


Viral Perfect Hand Care routine on Chinese social media (Douyin + xiaohongshu) 🤲🏻‼️💃 What do you think? Would you try? ⬇️ Comment below ⬇️ I honestly would go for a hand spa in China 😍 it seems so relaxing 😌🧚 #paleskin #handcare #douyin #douyinchina #douyinmakeup #chinesemakeup #chinesebeauty #cbeauty #fypシ #foryou

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More pragmatic netizens have pointed out the impracticality of this trend.

“It seems super inconvenient…imagine smudging that hand makeup all over some paperwork,” one user commented.

Another commenter complained, “I tried it once and it only lasted until I washed my hands.”

Credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.

If you’re unwilling to go the extra mile to achieve this look, netizens have also come up with simpler ways to get the same effect.

Their groundbreaking ideas include putting your hands in the fridge, or washing the dishes without using kitchen gloves.

“I mean, you can always punch something to get red knuckles for a while,” joked one user.

So, will you try out this bizarre routine to get the “perfect hands”?

Featured image credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.