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If you’re grappling with acne, textured skin, or those pesky visible pores, the search for the perfect skincare products can feel like a never-ending journey.

Many have turned to facials and microneedling, but let’s face it – those can burn a hole in your wallet, especially with the need for follow-up sessions.

But guess what’s causing a stir on TikTok? It’s the VT – Reedle Shot 100, endorsed by a famous Korean makeup artist! This little gem is flying off the shelves in Korea, claiming to smooth pores, tackle acne and textured skin, and even amp up your skin’s resilience and turnover cycle.

But does it really live up to the hype? Keep reading for the full lowdown, including real user reviews from those who’ve put it to the test!

What’s The Hype Surrounding This Ampoule?


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The buzz began when Korean makeup artist, Arang, and later, Korean YouTuber, EuniUnni, sang praises for the VT – Reedle Shot 100. It’s no surprise that the product is now sold out across Korea!

Suitable for all skin types, this gentle yet potent exfoliating ampoule claims to efficiently deliver active ingredients for improved skin texture. The formula is enriched with skin-soothing ingredients, such as cica extract, madecassoside, and propolis extract, offering anti-inflammatory benefits.

Hyaluronic acid and macadamia seed oil are also part of the mix, claiming to amp up moisture levels and penetrate deep into the skin for intense nourishment.

Does This Ampoule Live Up To Its Claims?

With the internet buzzing about it, you know people had to give it a shot. The reviews are in, and it’s a mixed bag. Let’s dive into what some users are saying!


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♬ perfect night – 🎧

Han (@skincarejournal00) swears by the VT – Reedle Shot 100, calling it the closest thing to “microneedling in a bottle.” It gives her that bearable prickly sensation and works like a charm on her skin texture.

Plus, it dries down to a light, glowy texture – a definite thumbs-up for the first step in your skincare routine!


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♬ 아이브 레이ㅡSOLO – 레이세상

Krystal (@krystallee2222) finds the gel’s prickly sensation effective in helping her skin absorb other products better. The immediate smoothing effect is a big win for her, and she loves that it’s gentle on her skin.

It’s become a nightly ritual for her, and her morning skin looks flawless!

But, of course, not everyone’s on the same page.


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♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

TikTok user, @kdummy, describes the gel as feeling like “needles on your face.” While it’s got potent ingredients for skincare absorption and penetration, she can’t swing it every day due to the tingling sensation – sadly, a no-go for her.

Reddit users have thrown their two cents in too. One user saw smoother skin and diminished pores, combining the ampoule with other actives like vitamin C and retinol. Another user felt a tingling sensation but didn’t see much change in the first week of use.

Where To Find This Ampoule?


VT – Reedle Shot 100 (50ml) retails for S$34.25 on YesStyle, and S$30.24 on Shopee.

In the end, it seems like the effectiveness of this ampoule varies from person to person. But one thing’s for sure – it’s delivering on that “microneedling effect” it claims. Would you give this a try?