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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that this year has certainly thrown us all for a loop. Leisure travel is on pause indefinitely and from choosing to stay home and be socially responsible citizens to basically almost living our entire lives virtually (shopping, ordering food, meetings, the list goes on…), our lives now are a far cry from what it used to be pre-2020.

The way we shop for our beauty products has drastically changed as well. Testers are no longer available for hygienic reasons, face-to-face beauty service appointments require mask-wearing at all times (except during facials), and most of us have resorted to shopping for our makeup, skincare, and personal care products online, be it restocking our longtime favourites or trying out new launches.

Brands took notice of this soaring online demand of course, and many of them acted swiftly on it by setting up e-concierge services and virtual consultations, and even conducting tutorials and makeup or skincare workshops on Zoom.

Even beauty expos like the popular Taiwan International Beauty Show are going virtual for the first time as well to overcome the impacts and constraints brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. This, in turn, benefits us greatly as we can now visit the region’s biggest business-to-business beauty trade show completely online without having to hop on a plane to fly over to Taiwan!

What is the beauty trade show all about?

Taiwan Beauty International Show Group Discussion

Organised by Taiwan Trade Centre (TAITRA), a long-standing non-profit organisation, the Taiwan International Beauty Show is a business-to-business (B2B) beauty event that takes place annually in Taiwan. Alongside participating exhibitors, local and international buyers and visitors attend the beauty expo zealously to explore the latest innovations in the Taiwanese beauty industry.

Seen by many as the gateway to Asia’s beauty market, you can regularly see beauty products such as makeup, skincare made with local ingredients, haircare, nail supplies, perfume, personal care as well as beauty devices and equipment at the trade show. Even fresh, inventive product packaging that’s can improve user experience (UX) is part of the exhibition too.

Like many big events however, the beauty trade exhibition has not been spared from the coronavirus pandemic’s effects on in-person activities but instead of cancelling or postponing the highly awaited event, TAITRA took this setback as the golden opportunity to bring its biggest beauty expo online this year.

Taiwan Beauty Virtual Website Simulation

A simulation of the upcoming Taiwan Beauty Virtual exhibition

Starting 2 to 30 November 2020, TAITRA breathes new life into the Taiwan International Beauty Show by replacing the physical exhibition with a completely virtual platform and we can now attend it right from the comfort of our homes.

Here are four reasons why hosting a beauty show virtually can be greatly beneficial to both local and international visitors:

Longer duration of the exhibition

Taiwan Beauty International Show Products On Display

The Taiwan Beauty Virtual is going to be a month-long event this year since it’ll now be held entirely online. This means that you no longer need to rush to visit the beauty expo, which is typically held over a short window of three days only.

Taiwan Beauty Virtual is also granting visitors 24-hour access to the virtual booths of all its exhibitors – this allows you to take your time to look for reliable beauty product suppliers in Asia and discover all the newest beauty solutions that Taiwan has to offer.

More flexibility

Taiwan Beauty International Show Innovative Beauty Device

With the beauty trade show held entirely online, it allows visitors to view all the products on a virtual platform and any questions can be asked with just a click of a button via the platform’s messaging app.

This means you can now have the experience virtually anywhere, anytime at your convenience. It’s also more time saving, as you no longer need to step out of the house and crowd with others!

More interactive sessions

Taiwan Beauty International Show Visitors Looking At Products

For a fully immersive experience of the beauty trade show, Taiwan Beauty Virtual will be hosting a series of online product launches as well as educational webinars on selected days of the virtual exhibition.

These special programmes not only give visitors the opportunity to watch livestream demonstrations and learn the latest Asian beauty trends, you’ll also get to have the full viewing experience in the comfort of your home.

More personal connection with exhibitors and brands

Taiwan Beauty International Show Visitors Checking Out Products

Without limitations of time and space that come with the traditional physical beauty expos, visitors are no longer constrained by these two factors when attending the virtual exhibition. You’ll also no longer need to worry about short interaction time with exhibitors of products that you’re interested in.

On the contrary, you get to now interact more closely with exhibitors and brands via live chat, online messages, video call, and even schedule virtual meetings to request assistance or learn more information.

While face-to-face interaction is valuable, it also means that exhibitors aren’t unable to communicate with more than one visitor personally at any given time. With virtual communication however, exhibitors can have the bandwidth to manage as many visitors as possible while still maintaining one-to-one interaction.

With these key benefits, it’s easy to see why a virtual beauty show is more promising in delivering a fruitful and immersive experience for both exhibitors and visitors.

Register your interest in the Taiwan Beauty Virtual exhibition today

Taiwan Beauty Virtual November 2020

The Taiwan Beauty Virtual opens its virtual doors officially on 2 November all the way until 30 November 2020. Both registration and entry are completely free of charge. Click on this link to sign up for the biggest virtual beauty show in Asia now.

You can also learn more about the upcoming Taiwan Beauty Virtual by checking out the official event video below.

*All exhibition photos featured were taken from the 2019 Taiwan International Beauty Show. The beauty trade show will be held entirely online this year under the name ‘Taiwan Beauty Virtual’ due to the pandemic.

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