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If you’re someone who reads all the list of ingredients in your beauty products, bookmark this page now. Clearforme is a superb website we found that filters products according to toxins and allergens.


The website allows you to browse beauty products (from skincare to makeup), by filtering ingredients you’d like to avoid. This is a great tool if you’re aware of specific ingredients that will irritate or cause allergy to your skin.

If you’re unsure which particular ingredient to avoid, the site also has an option to filter out “The Most Common Skin Irritants”, “20 Worst Toxins”, “Anything With Gluten” and “The Most Common Allergens”. Once you’ve selected all your preference, they’ll bring you to a list of products that’s cleared from whatever you’ve selected.


Founder of Clearforme, Sabrina Noorani, got inspired by her personal experience of getting allergy reaction from skincare products. She then created the site so that consumers can easily and efficiently find cosmetic products that are free of the ingredients that matter to them.

Even if you’re not one of those who cared about the toxins and ingredients, it’s a great tool to avoid allergens and find the right product for your skin.

The site features over 690,000 products including cleansers, moisturisers, makeup, baby products, household products and more. It is also is affiliated with Credo Beauty, where you can purchase the items from the site after filtering your search.

Even if you’re not keen on buying off Credo Beauty, Clearforme is a good tool to just filter your searches to avoid those toxins and allergens that you’re always looking out for. Yep, you can thank us for introducing you to it later!

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