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Have you been living a healthy lifestyle and working out regularly in the hopes of losing weight, only to see your efforts go in vain after all that hard work?

Well, besides your wellness and fitness routines, genetics are another huge factor that plays a part in your weight loss journey.

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And with that, the big question in mind is: How do I find out if my genes have been hindering my weight loss plans?

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To help you out with that is GeneLife’s Genetic Diet Test Kit, which determines your gene type. GeneLife will then be able to advise and provide tips on what you should be doing differently to start seeing progress in your weight loss journey.

Having worked with over 800,000 customers for the past 15 years, GeneLife is a trusted testing source when it comes to analysing our DNA.

Here are the three different types of genes that have been discovered to be strongly linked to weight gain among the Asian population:

  • B3AR gene – Related to poor carbohydrate metabolism
  • UCP1 gene – Related to poor lipid metabolism
  • B2AR gene – Related to higher lipid metabolism and being naturally resistant to insulin
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What you’ll find in the GeneLife Diet Genetic Test Kit

All you have to do is place your order for the test kit via GeneLife’s online store or app. Then, your kit will be delivered to you right at your doorstep!

Once you’ve received it, proceed to sign up for an account online to register your very own kit.

genelife step by step guide

Once you’re done with the admin work, it’s time to collect your saliva sample to be sent to the lab for testing! Here’s how you can do so in four simple steps.

Step 1: With the tube provided in the kit, gather a sufficient amount of saliva with the help of a funnel.

Step 2: Once you’re done, close and tighten the tube before securing it in a tight ziplock bag.

Step 3: Then, place the sealed bag into the envelope that’s attached to your kit.

Step 4: Now all you have to do is seal the envelope tightly, mail the sample to GeneLife, and you’re all set!

Once your samples have been collected, they will then go through an in-depth analysis that will help determine which diet works best for you.

The four variations of diet types:

Apple type

People who fall under this category tend to have weaker metabolisation with sugars which results in excess sugar being accumulated as visceral fat, where weight gain starts getting visible starting around the waist area.

People with this diet type are often seen turning to foods that are high in carbohydrates such as rice and bread as well as sweet foods.

Pear type

Those with this diet type experience weak metabolisation of subcutaneous fat which tends to accumulate in the lower body area, around the hip and thighs.

Common foods they crave? Meat and fried food!

Banana type

Those who are of a banana type generally have a harder time absorbing foods that are high in protein which in turn causes them to face difficulties when they’re trying to build muscles or bulk up.

Those who fall under this category often have a lighter and blander palate.

Adam & Eve type

Well, you’re pretty lucky if you fall under the Adam & Eve diet type as those in this category do not have genetic tendencies linked to weight loss! So, a healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise routine should be sufficient for you to lose weight successfully.

An in-depth report will also be sent to you four to six weeks after the samples have been received, to help you with planning your very own personalised weight loss scheme.

Purchase the GeneLife Diet Genetic Test Kit here for S$89. Additionally, receive a 15% discount on your kit when you enter the discount code DVANITYM at checkout.