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When it comes to well-executed makeup collaborations, Wet n Wild is definitely high on the scoreboard in terms of nailing the concept, packaging, and colours. We saw it in the brand’s Pac-Man collection as well as the My Melody & Kuromi series.

This month, Wet n Wild is back with yet another makeup collab with the world’s favourite pineapple-dwelling yellow sponge, SpongeBob SquarePants! We first caught the teaser images and videos on social media, and knew we had to share this news with all of you.


Just look at the collection and you’ll know what we mean. Not only are the colours perfectly inspired by your favourite yellow sponge and his Bikini Bottom friends, but the designs are super on point as well!

Those who love the animated show are definitely no strangers to SpongeBob’s colourful world, which is perfectly spotlighted in this all-new collection.

Take the Nautical Nonsense Palette, for example. Described as a “hyper-pigmented, 18-pan palette,” pops of yellow, gold, and neon inspired by the titular character in the palette make for the most vibrant summer looks to pull off this season (psst…click here if you need eye makeup inspiration).

There’s also SpongeBob’s bestie, Patrick, and his signature pink salmon shade that can be found in the palette as well. We even see a bright red eyeshadow that we think is most definitely inspired by the fiery red Mr. Krabs.

Apart from the eyeshadow palette, the collection also features a highlighter as well as makeup sponges that resemble SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward.


There are a couple of kabuki brushes in the range too, which fans of Sandy the astronaut squirrel and SpongeBob will want to snag.

Gary, the meowing pet snail (or is he a cat?) of SpongeBob also makes a special appearance, gracing the packaging of Wet n Wild’s Sponge & Brush Cleanser.

To keep your look in place, the collection also boasts not one, but two setting mist sprays – B.F.F. Hydrating Brightening Setting Mist and F.U.N. Purifying Setting Mist.

Rounding out the adorable collection are two items that we think are the stars of the entire range: a portable sponge case resembling SpongeBob’s pineapple house and a burger-shaped Sponge & Brush Cleansing Pads inspired by none other than the Krabby Patty served at Krusty Krab.

To celebrate the launch of this much-anticipated collection, Wet n Wild will actually be offering its PR box for sale on its website soon for die-hard fans of the TV series to score the entire collection at one go. To see how the products actually look like IRL, check out the unboxing video linked below.

Currently, the SpongeBob SquarePants x Wet n Wild collection is only available in the U.S. (the brand’s website currently doesn’t ship internationally), but we’re crossing our fingers and toes that we can get our hands on the collection – or at least part of it – via Amazon, since it will be sold make its way there on 20 April 2021.

For the time being, check out our recent article about Wet n Wild in Singapore where we give you the low-down on the bestsellers to try from the brand and how you can get your hands on them!