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There’s nothing quite like a Beauty Blender: it’s pink, squishy, and in a funny droplet shape. Its distinctive appearance makes it easily recognisable by most women, especially those who are familiar with makeup.

But you probably won’t be surprised that nothing like this exists in a man’s world.

The DV team and our friends share with our male counterparts nothing more than an image of the Beauty Blender and asked them what they thought it was. Were they baffled? Read on to see their answers!

1. A gadget that everyone can use

We’re not trying to stereotype, but some men seem to see a tech gadget in everything.


The Beauty Blender may not be a tech gadget, but it’s rather revolutionary for some of us who have been struggling with blending out our makeup evenly. ?

2. Some thought it was festive

The vibrant pink shade may have reminded men of celebrations and festivities. ?

3. They thought it has something to do with our ovaries

Or their reproductive organ… erm…

4. Many tried to BS with an enigmatic answer

5. Some got really close to the right answer

6. A handful of them are winners

This guy got it right the second time. (His first answer was “longevity peach”.)

These three know the exact function of the Beauty Blender. (Hey, we can use it for concealers too, if you’re reading this!)

This is our hero who learns from makeup tutorials (WOW!)

Annnnnd… this one even manages to get the word “Blender” in his answer. ?

We hope he manages to get a coffee or movie from the asker! ?