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Teeth whitening services can be pricey and each appointment is time-consuming. So imagine how excited we were when we found out that a new concept has been launched in Singapore, where you can get your teeth whitened at just 30 minutes and for less than SGD60!

We’re talking about the newly opened White30 from Japan, which uses LED teeth whitening techniques to help you achieve sparkling pearly whites.

White30 Rooms

LED teeth whitening uses solvents and the light technology emitted on the teeth surface to create a photocatalyst process which whitens the teeth. To put it simply, it makes use of chemical reaction to remove stains on your teeth, regaining its’natural colour.

This is different from whitening treatments at dental clinics that are mostly achieved with peroxide-based bleaching agents that can make teeth weaker.

DIY teeth whitening but with professional assistance

But how is White30 able to get it done so quickly and at such a low cost? Well, you have to do it yourself!

You’re put in a treatment room with all the required items provided. Brush your teeth, then apply as much solvent as you want or more on any areas you want to intensify, no one’s gonna judge, because you’ll have the room all to yourself.


The solvent they use is oral safe, so even if you accidentally swallow some of these, don’t worry – they’re absolutely edible.

Go under an LED light for 10 minutes. Wash it off, apply the solvent again and go under the light for another 10 minutes. Finally, you’re ready to see your teeth in a lighter shade.

Don’t worry about messing it up. On your first visit, you’ll be guided through the entire process by a staff, but from the second visit onwards, you’ll be on your own, except when you need assistance to adjust the LED light onto your teeth.

Since no bleaching is involved here, the treatment works to restore your teeth to its natural whiteness, so results are dependent on each individual.

If you’ve used one of those teeth whitening strips, this has very similar effects to it – use that as a gauge for the result of this treatment. As the LED light intensifies the whitening process, you can expect better results from this treatment than the strips.

While this treatment will not cause any pain or burning sensation, it is not advisable for those with gum problems to try this.

White30’s self-teeth whitening treatment costs SGD58 per session and SGD308 for six sessions. Drop by for a 30-minute treatment at their first outlet in Singapore located at #B1-63A United Square (101 Thomson Road, Singapore 307591. It opens from 10.30am to 9pm daily.