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They are three women with different lifestyles and backgrounds – but they share one thing in common: striving in doing their best pursuing their dreams and always ready to protect what truly matter to them. We speak to three influencers with busy lifestyles to learn what drive them and how they look great effortlessly even with a filled-up calendar.

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  1. Say hi to Bella Koh

Say hi to Bella Koh

Who: Food stylist and popular Instagrammer
What she’s protecting: Her family of three, which includes a daughter who’s almost one

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Food stylist Bella Koh is a superstar in many ways. Besides having a strong Instagram following (@catslavery), she is also a business owner, and a new mother. She may have a crazy schedule juggling the multiple roles that she take up, but her family is what keeps her going.

It’s interesting that having a career that marries entrepreneurship and food probably has everything to do with her family in the first place.

“One of my grandmothers was a phenomenal cook, constantly whipping up Peranakan feasts for the family. The other was a shrewd business-woman who helped her husband start his TCM business. My paternal grandfather used to be a textile designer. My dad was a musician during his youth, while my mum is a homemaker with a heart of gold. Their combined passion for food, business, wellness, music and home made me who I am today,” Bella muses.

Having so many role models in her life, Bella also hopes to pass on traits that can inspire her young daughter.

“Hopefully traits of happiness and kindness. Nothing is more important than giving. My daughter’s already inspired by food as it is so I’m looking to see if she’ll heed the food journey like I did,” Bella adds.

A photo posted by BELLA KOH (@catslavery) on

Between her many roles and tasks, Bella finds time to take good care of herself.

She describes her schedule: “Managing a baby, look after three cats, feed my husband, and squeezing time in between to either shoot or work on projects. Not forgetting looking after my own health and wellness.”

“But my core philosophy is always to live healthy and pace yourself. The challenge is slowing things down to suit your pace and when everything slows down, it becomes more focused as a result,” she adds.

To look her best, Bella believes in a having a great diet (one avocado every day!), fitness (she practises yoga), and 12 hours of sleep.

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Because of her busy schedule, she also invests in quality products that can protect her skin effortlessly.

“Sunscreen is incredibly important to me – whether I’m out for an assignment, accompanying my daughter for an outdoor activity, or just spending me-time over good food, I make sure I’m wearing a light-textured sunscreen,” she says. Bella is using the La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Fluid.

“It’s uniquely PPD42 formulated to protect skin ageing from UVA rays for 42 times longer. Also, it has a light texture without any fragrance and parabens, perfect for my sensitive skin!” describes Bella of her favourite sunscreen.

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