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Here at Daily Vanity, we’re all about women supporting women. Strong women are superheroes, making their marks while balancing their different roles and responsibilities, and we love celebrating that every year.

These #girlbosses have broken boundaries and persevered against the odds to bring their respective visions to life, even during these tough times.

In honour of International Women’s Day this year, we’re taking the opportunity to shine the spotlight on local female-owned businesses to support!

1. Amira Geneid – Zahara


Amira Geneid is passionate about beauty and has always had high standards for the products she uses. She believes that “inclusivity should no longer be a trend, it should be a benchmark”. With this in mind, she created the halal-certified, vegan, and cruelty-free brand Zahara.

Muslim women have long faced the hassle of having to remove their nail polish in order to properly perform wudu (cleansing ritual) before their daily prayers. It isn’t just troublesome, but also damaging to the nail beds. Polishes that are permeable to water and oxygen, such as the ones from Zahara, spare them the trouble of polish removal.

Zahara’s polishes are also non-toxic and “10-free” from common chemicals found in most nail polishes, so they’re good for anyone looking for a shiny, long-lasting formula that won’t damage nails – even children!

Our picks:



We love the name and mysterious, smokey green hue of Medusa. It’s a muted serpentine green with a tinge of grey that’s cool and classy.

Medusa nail polish retails for S$18 on Zahara



For a brilliant pop of purple, Elite is an eye-catcher that’s flattering on any skin tone and is sure to make you feel like a boss.

Elite nail polish retails for S$18 on Zahara

2. Tay Yu Hui – 13rushes

Credit: Honeycombers

Tay Yu Hui decided to start her own makeup brush line after she watched a PETA video on how our prized makeup tools are made.

Determined to make a change in the industry, she developed her cruelty-free line of essential eye and face brushes. Her ultra-soft brushes are proof that synthetic definitely doesn’t equate to lower quality. In fact, synthetic brushes are easier to clean and maintain, and the bristles even absorb less product, which means you waste less makeup.

Our picks:

13rushes Illuminating Blush Brush

Illuminating Blush Brush

The versatile Illuminating Blush brush is an absolute steal in our opinion. The tapered shape allows for precise blush application and it’s perfect for both cream and powder products. You can use this multi-purpose brush to apply blush, contour, and setting powder, and even to blend out highlighter!

The Illuminating Blush brush retails for S$19 on 13rushes

13rushes eggagerate lashes

Eggagerate Lashes

13rushes collaborated with our favourite lazy egg in celebration of Gudetama’s fifth anniversary, and we can’t get enough of the super kawaii collection! With a hint of yellow, the ‘eggagerate’ lashes provide a delightful accent to your eyes, making lashes appear brown for a gentler look.

Co-selected by local celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo, these lashes feature a thicker band that lifts droopy lids, and the longer strands in the centre widen eyes for a doe-eyed effect.

Eggagerate Lashes retails for S$16.90 on 13rushes

3. Xenia Wong – Sigi Skin

Xenia Wong Sigi Skin

As a self-proclaimed skincare and beauty enthusiast, founder Xenia Wong honed her knowledge and skills in beauty and skincare at Seoul’s renowned Jung Saem Mool Art Academy and through Make Up For Ever’s makeup workshops.

Xenia is passionate about sustainability and protecting our planet, which is reflected in Sigi Skin’s products. Two of the brand’s popular products – Idyllic Fields and Dew Potion are waterless to avoid using precious natural resources.

You’ll be glad to know that Sigi Skin is cruelty-free and vegan, and utilises zero-waste soy ink and recycled paper in all its products in addition to biodegradable materials and refillable packaging in some items.

They are now in the process of applying to join 1% For The Planet – a global network of businesses, individuals, and non-profit organisations tackling the planet’s most pressing environmental issues.

For International Women’s Day each year, the company gives back to a meaningful cause, and 2022 is no different. From 1 to 8 March 2022, 10% of Sigi Skin’s proceeds will be donated to Daughters of Tomorrow in support of underprivileged women.

Our picks:

Idyllic Fields

This waterless daytime moisturiser effectively addresses inflammation, dryness, and compromised skin barrier function. It has a souffle-like, airy texture that quickly absorbs and provides relief from irritation while soothing and hydrating.

It contains 71.9% oats, troxerutin, polyglutamic acid, and matcha extracts and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. You can care for your skin while supporting a good cause, as 5% of the proceeds of each bottle sold goes to an animal shelter. For 2022, Sigi Skin’s charity partner is SOSD.

Idyllic Fields retails for S$78 on Sigi Skin

sigi skin morning glow

Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen

As this lightweight, whipped sunscreen doesn’t leave a white cast, it’s suitable to wear under makeup and masks. It features superfood ingredients like avocado and acai extracts, which keep skin supple, while 2% niacinamide moisturises, brightens, and strengthens skin.

Reviewers seem to love that it’s non-greasy yet hydrating, and doesn’t break them out or trigger eczema flare-ups.

Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen retails for S$58 on Sigi Skin

4. Rachel Poon – Better Days Skin Co.


Originally from Hong Kong, Rachel Poon moved to Singapore when she got married a few years ago and found her skin condition fluctuating dramatically. She realised that no product or medical professional could help her with her skin, and that trying out complicated routines featuring many products and active ingredients only caused more issues.

Determined to bridge the gap for others with similar skin issues, she decided to formulate her own product.

Our pick:


Multi-Active Treatment Essence

The company currently has only one multitasking product—the Multi-Active Treatment Essence. It’s a low-pH formula that’s meant to be used after cleansing and before moisturisers, with “seven skin-correcting benefits in one gentle step: renew, hydrate, brighten, firm, energise, soothe, and restore”.

The Multi-Active Treatment Essence retails for S$128 on Bedaskin

5. Charlene Sim – Glowfully

charlene glowfully

Looking at Charlene’s luminous glass skin, you’d think she was probably born with it. On the contrary, she’s been a long-time sufferer of eczema since she was an infant, and acne since she was a teenager.

A former stewardess, Charlene first had the idea to start her own skincare line when her mother was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. She realised how many toxic and controversial ingredients can be found in daily skincare products, and was determined to use only clean ingredients in her simple and effective formulas.

Charlene also ensures that Glowfully products are nourishing and yet suitable for Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

Our picks:


Advanced Healing Elixir

This gel moisturiser actually won our “Best Gel Moisturiser” category at the Daily Vanity Awards 2020. Those of us with sensitive skin that’s prone to clogged pores may do better with a gel formula instead of heavier cream moisturisers.

The Advanced Healing Elixir has been specially formulated with amino acids, aloe vera, and chamomile, making it so soothing for irritated and reactive skin.

You can use it both day and night, and even as an intensive mask by layering on more product and wiping off the excess after five minutes.

Advanced Healing Elixir retails for S$54 on Glowfully

glowfully plumicious brightening serum

Plumicious Brightening Serum

The newest addition to their lineup, this intensive brightening treatment targets dull and tired skin and fades hyperpigmentation. It contains 3 types of plum extracts that are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as the superstar brightening ingredients niacinamide, tranexamic acid, and licorice.

The serum is oil-free, silicone-free, and fragrance-free. Notably, a test on 30 participants over a four-week period showed that 100% of users agreed that it’s suitable for sensitive skin!

Plumicious Brightening Serum retails for S$68 on Glowfully.

6. Simarna Singh – Coco Veda Global

Simarna Singh, the CEO and co-founder of this Ayurveda-focused Singapore social enterprise is a passionate sustainability entrepreneur.

The company was started in 2015, with a vision of building a Socially Sustainable Enterprise aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They train and create jobs for women in Manila, who handcraft every Coco Veda product with care.

Coco Veda is all about empowering women and enabling these craftswomen to build a better future for themselves and their families to break the cycle of poverty. Every coconut used in their products is also harvested by their Farmer Cooperatives in a rural part of The Philippines.

They cut out the middlemen by working with the coconut farmers directly, thereby providing families with a sustainable income.

Our picks:


Apricot & Bamboo Body Scrub

This waterless, creamy scrub gently exfoliates and unclogs pores while moisturising the skin at the same time. Simply rub some all over your body, concentrating on dryer areas such as the elbows.

The creamy formula leaves your skin moisturised, so there’s no need for an extra step of applying lotion for normal skin types.

The Apricot & Bamboo Body Scrub retails for S$21.50 on Coco Veda

coco veda lavender body wash

Lavender Body Wash

Another waterless product, this body wash is concentrated and lasts twice as long as regular body washes. It has a short and simple ingredients list that features the brand’s star ingredient, coconut oil, as well as soothing and calming lavender essential oil for a relaxing shower after a long day.

Lavender Body Wash retails for S$25 on Coco Veda.

7. Jasmine Kang – Skinlycious

female-owned beauty brands iwd jasmine skinlycious

Founder Jasmine Kang knows the frustration of suffering from acne. She’s battled it for 14 years and has dealt with all forms of it – cystic red acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and closed comedones. She tried everything from expensive products to facials and laser treatments, but nothing worked.

She was so ashamed of her skin that she didn’t like looking in the mirror or taking pictures, and even struggled to make eye contact when speaking with others.

Through her years of fighting the inflammatory skin condition, coupled with her biomedical and pharmaceutical background, she accumulated enough knowledge to develop her own acne solutions to help fellow acne sufferers.

Our picks:


Clear Skin Essentials Starter Kit

We love that Skinlycious products are so reasonably priced, and you can tell that a lot of thought and effort has been put into helping “acne fighters” find the solution to their skin woes. Eight years of R&D have gone into the development of their products. This kit was designed to help buyers find their suitable acne corrector.

Skinlycious recognises that everyone’s skin is different, which is why they’ve pioneered their “half-face test”. How does it work? For five days, use only one of their spot treatments on one side of your face, and then compare results.

In fact, they have so much confidence in this kit that they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee!

Clear Skin Essentials Starter Kit retails for S$39 (U.P S$49) on Skinlycious


French Green Clay Aloe Vera Mask

This clay mask contains nine plant extracts that soothe and rejuvenate skin. The French Green Clay absorbs toxins and gets rid of dead skin cells and trapped bacteria within the pores.

It also contains a proprietary oil blend that doesn’t clog pores as well as soothing aloe vera extract. This is a gentle way to decongest and clarify your skin.

French Green Clay Aloe Vera Mask retails for S$49 on Skinlycious

8. Dr Su Chew – Rock & Herb


Dr Chew Su Chuen heads the brand, along with a team of scientists and doctors.  She started Rock & Herb with the goal of creating an amalgamation of nature, science, and tradition. Rock & Herb sources top-quality ingredients and bioactives, then removes any impurities with modern science.

The name itself encompasses the brand’s philosophy, where Rock represents the inorganic compounds of their products, while Herb symbolises the botanical components.

Our pick:


Enzyme Rescue Face Moisturiser

The star ingredients of this creamy, repairing moisturiser are stabilised proteolytic and anti-inflammatory fruit enzymes: Papain and Bromelain. They break down damaged protein and release ‘new’ amino acids that nourish and mend the skin.

Impressively, the healing properties of this cream were tested when co-founder Jack’s mother suffered second-degree burns from a faulty kettle. The moisturiser’s wound-healing results were impressive, to say the least, and her dead and damaged skin fell off painlessly in just six days.

You can read more about the remarkable story here.

Enzyme Rescue Face Moisturiser retails for S$64.00 SGD for 30g and S$92 for 55g on Rock & Herb

9. Talisa Poh – Klynn Beauty

Talisa Poh spent almost a decade in the corporate world as a financier with PwC before taking a leap of faith and starting Klynn Beauty. She launched the brand during the pandemic, despite the numerous challenges this presented.

Klynn Beauty focuses on skincare products that are not only efficacious but also enjoyable to use for a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

Our picks:

klynn beauty cleanser

Revive Me Centella Cleanser

This made-in-Korea jelly cleanser elevates your skincare routine into a soothing, self-care ritual. It contains skin-soothing herbs. An ultra-gentle jelly gel cleanser with gentle herbs and highly moisturising Snow Mushroom that effectively cleanse without stripping the skin.

Reviewers have raved about its herbal scent and jelly texture that feels lush and leaves skin feeling clean and supple.

Revive Me Centella Cleanser retails for S$28 with free shipping on Klynn Beauty

10. Nerissa Low – Liht Organics


Liht Organics takes pride in its high-performance makeup that is “safe enough to eat”. They’re made with certified organic ingredients and no harmful chemicals or nano-particles and actually serve as skincare with regular use.

Founder Nerissa Low started the brand in 2017 with a vision of building a business that would empower women to live life to the fullest and use makeup to express themselves, unlimited by society’s expectations and definitions. She ensures that ingredients used are sustainably sourced and suitable for all skin types.

Nerissa also wants to break the stereotype that organic makeup is not vibrant or long-lasting. Liht Organics products are highly pigmented, and can last for up to 16 hours!

Our picks:

youth elixir foundation

Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation

Liht Organics breaks the convention that natural, organic makeup has very limited shade ranges. This lightweight liquid foundation has a good selection of shades to choose from and provides long-lasting, flawless coverage.

With ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis and Rosemary Extract,  the non-clogging formula is also rich in antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damage.

Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation retails for ∼ S$77.80 on Liht Organics

liht organics eyeliner

Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner

This eyeliner is ultra long-lasting, smudge-proof, and contains 70% USDA-certified organic ingredients. It’s also free of artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals.

Although users say it doesn’t budge all day, even on oily lids, it’s also easily removed with warm water so you don’t tug unnecessarily at your delicate eyelids.

5% of proceeds from the Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner will go to the Marine Conservation Institute in support of securing permanent, strong protection for ocean ecosystems worldwide.

Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner retails for ∼ S$48 on Liht Organics.

11. Chia Su-Mae – BSKIN


The brainchild of former corporate lawyer Chia Su-Mae, BSKIN aims to cut out the marketing fluff and focus on effective, bee-derived and propolis-based skincare.

After witnessing firsthand the powerful health and reparative benefits of bee products, Chia worked with a team of South Korean scientists to develop gentle formulations rich in antioxidants and natural bee ingredients such as honey, propolis, royal jelly, and pollen that could be used on hypersensitive, acne-prone skin.

She guarantees that her skincare product contains only active, natural, high-quality components that are high in antioxidants and have been scientifically shown to improve skin health. Su-Mae also makes a point of ensuring that the products are free of irritants and dangerous ingredients like sulphates, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, parabens, petrolatum, and artificial fragrances.

She is a passionate advocate for women’s causes and has pioneered the BSKIN Smart Skin Advisor (SSA) programme, which empowers women to become financially independent and improve their lives. BSKIN also works with Liberty Society, a social enterprise that fosters female refugees, and supports the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Our picks:


Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment

This award-winning spot treatment contains powerful actives like sulfur, volcanic ash, and kaolin, which remove excess sebum and clear trapped impurities. Soothing ingredients like calamine, panthenol, asiaticoside, asiatic acid, and madecassic acid soothe inflammation and reduce redness.

Its “6 Core Anti-Oxidant System” which contains a proprietary formulation of honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly with Jeju spring water help to prevent scarring and the formation of pigmentation spots.

Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment retails for S$29 on BSKIN


Vita Advanced Soft Bead Cleanser

Whilst mechanical exfoliators have gotten a bad rep in recent years, with most people switching to chemical exfoliants, certain types of scrubs do work well to get rid of dead skin cells and keep your skin clear.

Unlike the harsh scrubs that contain walnut shells with jagged edges, this cleanser contains microcrystalline cellulose beads, so it’s gentle enough for daily use.

Vita Advanced Soft Bead Cleanser retails for S$53 on BSKIN