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Everyone wants to know the secret to youthfulness, and we’ve found 12 people who may have found it. These 12 people in our list – some of them celebrities that you may recognise – seem to have somehow managed to freeze time on their faces for the past decade or more.

While some not have publicly shared their skincare regime, but for those who have, we’ve trawled through their various interviews to bring you their top tips on looking younger even as you age.

(Psst, we’ve also tried our best to find more recent photos of these celebrities, and with as little makeup on or Photoshop done as possible)

1. Chuando Tan


Age: 51 years old

Chuando Tan is undoubtedly the man of the moment. The Singaporean photographer who is a former model had already created waves for his lean physique in the early 1990s, but he has recently leapt back into the spotlight for not looking a day above 30 despite his age!

Chuando has said that he keeps his skincare routine at the bare minimum, because his skin is sensitive. He adheres to the “you are what you eat” philosophy, in that “your body looks is 70 per cent due to the food you consume and 30 per cent about exercise”.

2. Jimmy Lin


Age: 43 years old

You would recognise babyface Taiwanese actor from period Taiwanese and even Hong Kong dramas from the early 2000s, but it’s still shocking to most of us how little he has changed since then. He is now a proud father of three sons with former model Kelly Chen.

3. Keanu Reeves


Age: 53 years old

Keanu Reeves has been making waves for his “vampire” looks – not just because of his pale skin, but because of how his face hasn’t shown the progress of time as much as most people. The actor shot to fame for his role in the most iconic movie of the 2000s, The Matrix, and we’re surprised that he doesn’t look a whole lot different since then.

The secret to his youthful looks? Keanu doesn’t share much about it, but he has shared certain habits which might contribute to his age-defying looks: eating small portions of food during meal times, keeping a balanced diet, keeping active by playing sports and simply avoiding a sedentary lifestyle as much as possible.

4. Gong Li


Age: 52 years old

Chinese actress (and also Singapore citizen) Gong Li has reached the upper echelons of not only Chinese but international cinema over the past couple of decades. When asked about how she has maintained her figure despite her age, she spoke passionately about the importance of exercising and watching one’s diet.

5. Masako Mizutani


Age: 49 years old

Masako is a Japanese model who has turned heads all over the world for her age-defying good looks. Her secret? She says, “One should do regular workouts and should keep the body and mind active to stay young. One should have enough of sleep and stay away from smoking.”

Her skin is famously flawless and plump despite her age, and she says that she applies “Vitamin E-based cream or lotions all over the body to keep the skin soft and supple”. As you may already have guessed, Masako also adds that she never goes out in the sun without applying sunscreen, and always cleanses, tones and moisturises every night before going to bed.

6. Li Nanxing


Age: 53 years old

We’re certain that Li Nanxing isn’t an unfamiliar face or name to you. He still looks spiffy and keeps in good shape and style despite his 53 years. We caught him once at the MU MIEUX Collagen drink launch, where he shared how much he depends on drinking collagen to upkeep his looks. He even keeps two bottles in his pocket at all times!

7. Michelle Saram


Age: 43 years old

Many of us would remember Michelle Saram’s unique features from back in the 2000s. At one point, the Singaporean actress was starring in hit TV shows from Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, including Meteor Garden (2001; Taiwan), At The Threshold Of An Era (2000; Hong Kong), and A Step Into The Past (2001; Hong Kong).

She eventually left the industry to concentrate on her food and beverage business, but has recently made the news again when she reunited with Hong Kong actor Louis Koo for a cameo in his new movie Paradox. If you remember her from your younger days, you would probably be surprised to see how she looks exactly the same as she used to back in the early 2000s!

8. Ji Sung


Age: 40 years old

You may know him from hit Korean dramas such as All In, or even for the few episodes he has appeared in Korean action variety show Running Man. Ji Sung is a South Korean actor who only seems to look younger every year.

9. Paul Rudd


Age: 48 years old

Depending on your age, you may remember Paul Rudd as the fresh-faced, oh so cute love interest in iconic 1995 movie Clueless. It’s been more than two decades since the movie’s release, but Paul Rudd has still held on to his heartthrob potential, notably when he played the titular Ant Man in the 2015 Marvel movie.

He has actually shared that he believes strongly in sunscreen – not because he doesn’t want wrinkles, but because he doesn’t want skin cancer. Now that’s a smart move!

10. Candy Lo


Age: 52 years old

Candy Lo is a former model from Hong Kong, and rose to prominence after winning the Miss Asia pageant back in 1991. She later left the industry in order to concentrate on her family of three sons with her then-husband.

She has also recently released a pictorial book titled Timeless, where she flaunts her youthful looks in gowns and skimpy outfits. All 3,000 copies were sold out upon release – and no wonder!

11. Jamie Chua


Age: 43 years old

Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua would not be a stranger to many of you. She has regularly been in the spotlight, not only because of her famous divorce from Indonesian tycoon Nurdian Cuaca, but also for her flawless style which has many younger influencers down beat.

Jamie has shared that she religiously completes all four steps in her skincare regime, no matter how late she returns home: cleansing, applying serum, moisturising cream, and eye cream. She also puts on hand cream and lip balm before bed. She says, “It takes more discipline than time to get good skin.”

12. Maggie Q


Age: 38 years old

Contrary to the career paths of many actors, Maggie Q moved from her hometown of Hawaii, USA to Tokyo, Taipei and then Hong Kong in order to carve a career for herself in Asia. She got her big break in Hong Kong, where she was spotted by Jackie Chan and trained to be an action star.

It is perhaps the physically demanding nature of her work that has kept her fit and healthy, which in turn has translated to her model-esque looks being preserved through time! A little life hack that she devised for herself is taking an extremely hot hand towel, covering her face with it and letting the heat open her pores for a few minutes.

“It’s like my own mini-facial,” says the actress. She particularly enjoys this hack after a long day at work with so much makeup on – opening her pores will help her take off her makeup more effectively!

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