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You might have seen this trending on social media – a luxurious device by YSL Beauty that allows you to create any lip colour you want and dispenses it on the spot. Here’s the good news, the much-anticipated innovative device, called the YSL Beauty Rouge Sur Mesure, is finally in Singapore!

What is YSL Beauty Rouge Sur Mesure?

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Imagine a world where you can ditch the endless lipstick hunt and craft your ideal colour. YSL Beauty Rouge Sur Mesure makes that dream a reality. This high-tech lipstick system allows you to mix and match from a range of cartridges containing ultra-pigmented liquid colours.

With this customisable approach, you can create thousands of unique shades, from a flirty pink to a bold berry red all within minutes.

The Tech Behind the Lipstick Creator Device

ysl rouge sur mesure singapore how to use

But Rouge Sur Mesure isn’t just about mixing pretty colours. Advanced technology ensures a flawless and personalised experience:

  • Virtual Artist: Be adventurous and try on colours off a colour wheel. The accompanying app allows you to try on the colours virtually so you can visualise how it looks. Like how it looks on you? The device dispenses a lip colour in that shade so you can wear it in real life immediately.
  • Colour Recognition: Struggling to match a specific shade? No problem! Use the app to scan an item of clothing, accessory – or really, any item that inspires you. The app matches the colour and the device creates a lip colour in the exact same shade.
  • Shade Recommendations: Feeling indecisive or not sure where to start? The app can analyze your preferences based on references you offer, for example, your skin tone, outfit, or hair colour. Then, it suggests shades that either harmonises or clashes – depending on the vibe you prefer. Try them on virtually, then dispense the one you like most.

If you like the colour you’ve created, you can save it as a favourite so that you can always go back to it whenever you want.

ysl rouge sur mesure singapore detachable case

You can also dispense more of the same colour, and then bring it out in the detachable case (which looks like the Le Cushion Encre de Peau case!) so you can touch-up easily or use it for the next two days.

YSL Beauty Rouge Sur Mesure: Availability and Price in Singapore

ysl rouge sur mesure cartridges

YSL Beauty Rouge Sur Mesure is now exclusively available at YSL Beauty ION and JEM boutiques. The connected device retails at S$500 and the colour cartridges are at S$45 each (note: the device needs three cartridges to function).

Currently, the complete cartridges for the red and nude universes are available (for you to create red and nude lip shades), as well as three other cartridges from the orange and pink universes that can be used to complement the red and nude universes, to create more variations.