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We’ve all been there – there’s a wedding or an otherwise important function the next day and we find ourselves with nothing appropriate to wear in our closets. Or, there’s a makeup product that you’ve been eyeing for ages, but haven’t had time to go down and actually buy it.

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Zalora has the answer to both of these dilemmas: with their new Zalora Now membership scheme, they are offering next-day delivery.

Unlimited for one year.

No minimum spend.

With just a one-time payment of SGD 14.90.

Without being a Zalora Now member, their express, next-day shipping already costs SGD 8.90 per transaction, so adding another SGD 6 on top of that to enjoy that kind of service unlimited number of times for one year seems like a steal to us.

We couldn’t believe our ears either when we first heard about it, so we went to look at their terms and conditions to see if it’s really as good as it sounds.


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1. It’s within Singapore only

We don’t think this is a problem for most of us.

2. It applies only to products “sold by Zalora”

This may sound like a catch, but we went to investigate their website and found out that it isn’t only Zalora-brand items that are sold by Zalora. For example, this SK-II Atmosphere CC Cream and this Sigma brush and cleaning mat set are both sold by Zalora, and are therefore eligible for the Zalora Now next-day shipping!

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Whichever category you are browsing, you can check the “Filter by Express Shipping” option, which will narrow down the options to only those sold by Zalora.

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Zalora-brand fashion items are also affordable and stylish in themselves, so we don’t even really mind that.

3. There are terms to cancelling your membership

You can only cancel your membership within 30 days of subscribing, and only if you haven’t bought anything with the Zalora Now service. If you do meet the criteria to cancel your membership, you will be given a full refund of the one-time fee of SGD 14.90. We think that’s fair!

4. You must order before 9pm

Orders must be placed before 9pm if you want to get your items by the next working day. Again, considering the immense logistics headache that goes behind ensuring next-day delivery for us customers, we think that’s fair too.

… and that’s it!

That’s pretty much all the pertinent terms and conditions to the Zalora Now membership, and we’re pleasantly surprised to find that none of them are outrageous or sets out to cheat our feelings.

Feature image from THREAD by Zalora.