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If you like dipping your toes in new fragrances but are not willing to break the bank, you might want to consider Zara’s selection of budget-friendly perfumes.

Many of these fragrances are near-identical dupes of cult-favourite designer perfumes, but only at a fraction of the price.

If you’re new to fragrances or have been eyeing a designer perfume for a while now, opting for Zara’s more affordable alternatives could ease you into it.

Zara’s perfumes are also known for their longevity, giving you a bang for your buck!

Zara Gardenia (Dupe For Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium)

Zara Dupe YSL

Coffee and fruit cake is exactly what Zara’s Gardenia smells like. That, and Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Black Opium.

Both perfumes contain the same key notes: coffee, orange blossom, and vanilla – a unique combination that sets it apart from the other gourmand scents in the market.

If you’re looking to try a warm fragrance with a harmonious blend of sweet and spicy elements, Gardenia makes a good alternative to the Black Opium.

Zara Gardenia retails from S$17.90 and is available on zara.com.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium retails at S$264 and is available on sephora.sg.

Zara Cherry Smoothie (Dupe For Tom Ford Lost Cherry)

Zara Dupe Tom Ford

Their names say it all: both of these fragrances smell of—you guessed it—fresh cherries. These comparable fragrances revolve heavily around cherry, plum and almond notes, with Zara’s Cherry Smoothie having an additional hint of vanilla.

If Zara’s take on this cherry-scented fragrance smells like a tall glass of cherry smoothie, Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry resembles that of a fizzy cherry cider. Both are just as sweet, with the Cherry Smoothie having a creamier layer.

Cherry Smoothie is a playful, daytime alternative to Lost Cherry, but the real cherry on top has got to be its affordable price.

Zara Cherry Smoothie retails from S$24.90 and will be available on zara.com.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry retails from S$365 and is available on sephora.sg.

Zara Apple Juice (Dupe For CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre and Marc Jacobs Daisy)

Zara Dupe Chanel and Marc Jacobs

Think of Zara’s AppleJuice as CHANEL’s Chance Eau Tendre’s playful younger sister.

While they share the same grapefruit, jasmine and musk notes, AppleJuice brings a refreshing twist with its apple, orange and peony elements.

This floral-fruity fragrance is revitalising and light, yet carries a warm hint of sandalwood to mellow down the vibrant fragrance.

If you know your floral-fruity fragrances, you might notice that AppleJuice bears a resemblance to Marc Jacobs’ Daisy. Both fragrances are soft and delicate, everything we’d expect your typical “clean girl” to smell like.

Zara AppleJuice retails from S$17.90 and is available on zara.com.

CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre retails from S$205 and is available on tangs.com.

Marc Jacobs Daisy retails from S$160 and is available on sephora.sg.

Zara Red Temptation (Dupe For Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540)

If you’re a victim of #PerfumeTok’s persuasive prowess, you likely already have your sights set on the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540.

Zara’s Red Temptation is famously known for being its closest dupe. They share the same jasmine, saffron, and amber notes, melding into a sensual and musky fragrance with the same intensity and longevity.

Some even claim they can’t tell the difference between the two fragrances—we think that’s a good enough reason to add the Red Temptation to your cart.

Zara Red Temptation retails from S$11.90 and is available on zara.com.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum retails from S$264 and is available on escentials.com and tangs.com.

Zara Nude Bouquet (Dupe For Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet)

Zara Dupe Dior

The perfect spring fragrance has met its match: the Zara Nude Bouquet is a sweet floral concoction of cherry, peony and vanilla, making it a near-identical rendition of the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

If you fancy a good floral fragrance, the Nude Bouquet is a good option. Its powdery floral notes mellow down its saccharine notes, making it a feminine and elegant fragrance.

Zara Nude Bouquet retails from S$19.90 and is available on zara.com.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet retails from S$118 and is available on sephora.sg.

Zara Lightly Bloom (Dupe For Chloe’s Love Story)

Zara Dupe Chloe

Fans of earthy, floral fragrances like Chloe’s Love Story ought to get a whiff of Zara’s Lightly Bloom. Both fragrances feel crisp and clean, like hanging up fresh laundry in a blooming garden.

Lightly Bloom is also infused with an aquatic note, which adds a refreshing twist to Chloe’s familiar fragrance we know and love.

If you’re looking to purchase a fragrance for daily wear, you might want to consider Lightly Bloom, which evokes the same femininity and elegance as Love Story.

Zara Lightly Bloom retails from S$19.90 and is available on zara.com.

Chloe’s Love Story retails from S$135 and is available on sephora.sg.

Zara True Amore (Dupe For Parfums de Marly Delina)

Zara Dupe Parfum de Marly

Parfums de Marly’s Delina is currently all the rage on #PerfumeTok. It’s dubbed many things, from “the perfume every girl should own” to “the perfume that makes you smell pretty”, and it might just be the most coveted floral fragrance presently.

Like its designer counterpart, the Zara True Amore contains rose, vetiver and grapefruit notes, making it the perfect dupe for the trendy floral fragrance.

Zara True Amore retails from S$24.90 and is available on zara.com.

Parfums de Marly Delina retails from S$240 and is available on amarisbeauty.com.

Zara Red Vanilla (Dupe For Lancôme La Vie Est Belle)

Zara Dupe Lancome

Both of these floral-gourmand fragrances are what we envisioned a picnic basket to smell like—sweet berries and cupcakes with a bouquet of fresh peonies.

While both fragrances share similar berry and vanilla accords, you can get Zara’a Red Vanilla at a fraction of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle’s price.

Zara Red Vanilla retails from S$17.90 and is available on zara.com.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle retails from S$150 and is available on bhgsingapore.com.sg and tangs.com.

Zara Orchid (Dupe For Victoria’s Secret Bombshell)

Zara Dupe VS

If you like the fusion of citrus and floral notes in Victoria’s Secret most popular fragrance, Bombshell, you’d find yourself enamoured by Zara’s Orchid, which closely resembles the former.

While both fragrances share a similar combination of floral-fruity notes, Orchid is infused with peach accords, giving it a playful and youthful twist.

Zara Orchid retails from S$17.90 and is available on zara.com.

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell retails at S$149 and is available on victoriassecretbeauty.com.sg.

Zara Sublime Epoque (Dupe For Armani My Way)

Zara Dupe Armani

Zara’s Sublime Epoque is a close replica of Armani’s My Way, safe for the former’s additional citrus notes.

While both fragrances share jasmine and tuberose notes, dipped in a creamy vanilla and cedar base, you’ll find hints of orange blossom in Zara’s take on the refreshing floral-gourmand scent.

Zara Sublime Epoque retails from S$24.90 and is available on zara.com.

Armani My Way retails at S$227 and is available on sephora.sg.