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Fragrance enthusiasts, rejoice! Jo Malone and Zara have collaborated once again to create the Silent Flowers perfume collection.

This isn’t the first time the renowned perfume brand has lent its talent to Zara’s shelves – the brands have collaborated before on previous perfume collections, such as one inspired by famous cities around the world!

This time, each exquisite perfume is inspired by a different blossom, and they’re sure to help you exude sophistication and elegance.

Read on to find out all the details about this collaboration!

Parfait D’Orchidée

Inspired by a summer’s day on the Australian coast, this radiant fragrance features vanilla and lavender intertwined with rich spices for a lush aroma.

The top notes of this fragrance are incense, jasmine, and ginger, paired with heart notes of iris and benzoin siam resin.

The luminous fragrance is completed with base notes of vanilla, white musk, and ambergris. Reminiscent of the last rays of golden sunlight, this perfume is perfect for warm and sunny days.

The Jo Malone X Zara Parfait D’Orchidée Fragrance retails for S$75.90 (100ml) at Zara.

Brûlante Violette

This enchanting fragrance brings to mind bouquets of violet, elevated by sweet raspberry and iris.

Described as a sensual and intense perfume, this fragrance is perfect for giving you an alluring feminine aura.

The top notes of magnolia and rosebuds are blended with heart notes of violet leaf and raspberry, along with base notes of cedar wood and white musk.

The Jo Malone X Zara Brûlante Violette Fragrance retails for S$75.90 (100ml) at Zara.

Pétale D’Ambre

Centred around the amber flower, this enticing natural fragrance is described as vibrant and captivating.

It’s infused with floral hints of lavender, perfectly matched with the main notes of amber.

The fragrance’s top notes are bergamot and lemon essence, while the heart notes are lavender and nutmeg essence, complemented by base notes of cashmere wood and patchouli essence.

The Jo Malone X Zara Pétale D’Ambre Fragrance retails for S$75.90 (100ml) at Zara.

Romance D’Iris

Envisioned as a floral love story in Florence, this sensual and hypnotic fragrance aims to highlight the romance of the iris flower, envisioned as a floral love story in Florence.

The iris flower is accentuated by elements of white musk and heliotrope, giving the fragrance a velvety and captivating aroma.

This fragrance has top notes of bergamot and rice, heart notes of iris and violet, as well as base notes of white musk, vetiver, and heliotrope.

The Jo Malone X Zara Romance D’Iris Fragrance retails for S$75.90 (100ml) at Zara.

Balade De Figuier

Balade De Figuier refers to a stroll amongst fig trees, perfect for this natural and woody fragrance!

It aims to encapsulate a field of fig trees in Provence, complemented by hints of citrus and white musk.

Combining top notes of grapefruit, fig leaf and tangerine, as well as heart notes of fig milk and iris, this fragrance ends off with base notes that include benzoin and Haitian vetiver.

The Jo Malone X Zara Balade De Figuier Fragrance retails for S$75.90 (100ml) at Zara.