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Jo Malone’s founder and Zara collaborated last summer, releasing a line of fragrances under the label Zara Emotions. Needless to say the collection created waves among those who love fragrances.

The two beloved names had come together once again this year to launch two new collections, expanding the label.

Both collections – The Glace Collection for Kids and Lullaby Collection – are designed for children. But while it is so, we’re pretty sure we’re going to love it as adults too.

Zara Emotions The Glace Collection

Zara Jo Malone The Glace Collection

The fragrance bottles and boxes are in pastel candy shades to complement the sweet and decadent scents that are in housed in them.

Zara Jo Malone The Glace Collection2

Jo Malone explains that the collection is inspired by ice cream sundaes, fresh sorbets, dancing notes, and celebrations – everything you remember from your carefree and delightful childhood days.

Zara Jo Malone The Glace Collection Candles

There are three fragrances in the collection: Rose Marshmallow Candy (a fruity gourmand scent that smells of marshmallow, blood orange, and vanilla), Cherry Watermelon Ice (a fruity scent made up of watermelon, cardamom, and green leaves), and Hip Hop Apple (a fresh fruity scent that is composed of green, red, and yellow apples along with other fruits in the forest).

Candles in the same scents are available too.

Zara Emotions Lullaby Collection

Zara Jo Malone Lullaby Collection

Jo Malone explains the inspiration behind the Lullaby Collection – the first time you hold your newborn.

“When your baby is placed into your arms for the first time, there is an amazing connection. The love you feel rushes from the bottom of your feet to your head in a second. As you swaddle your baby in clean, crisp white blankets and embrace that moment of pure adoration, you are holding something that will be so treasured to you for the rest of your life.”

The Lullaby Collection includes two fragrances – Le Petit Lullaby (a musky scent with notes of pear and musk) and The Golden Lullaby (a warm, intense scent with notes of pear, ambroz, and musk). There is also a scented candle in the Le Petit Lullaby scent.

The Glace Collection is currently available in Zara Taiwan at NT650 (~S$31) for a 40ml bottle of fragrance and NT650 (~S$31) for a 200g candle. A set consisting of a 90ml fragrance and a 40ml fragrance from the Lullaby Collection retails for NT1,790 (~S$85).

Currently, there isn’t news on whether it will be made available in Singapore too. But you can check out the fragrance collaboration between the two brands that was launched last year on the Zara Singapore website.