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What goes onto your skin eventually goes into your body. If you would look out for nutritious ingredients and organic food produce for your diet, because you believe that they can give you health benefits, you should also look out for organic personal care products. After all, our skin is the largest organ, and it needs a lot of care!

Benefits of using organic products on your skin and hair

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Studies have shown that chemicals like SLS, artificial colouring, phthalates, parabens, and petroleum waxes can harm the body in the long run, and some studies even suggest that they may be cancer-causing. Guess what – these artificial chemicals are commonly found in conventional beauty products. When you slather them onto your skin and hair, they are absorbed by the body.

Certified-organic beauty products avoid these potentially harmful ingredients. Besides offering a healthier alternative, they use high-grade botanical-based ingredients that are safer and can be used even for sensitive skin.

Many mothers are opting for organic products for their children because of these reasons.

Are organic beauty products more expensive than conventional products?

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If you walk down the fresh produce aisle at the supermarket, it’s not difficult to notice that organic produce tends to have a higher price tag than normal produce. This could lead to the impression that organic beauty products are the same – which is not necessarily the case.

Progressive organic-certified beauty brands, such as Earth Life Organics, have been working on providing quality products whilst keeping the cost low to offer attractive prices to consumers.

Affordable organic products? How much does it cost to use them from head to toe?

You may be surprised, but it’s possible to shop for a face wash, shampoo, and shower gel from Earth Life Organics at just SGD41.90 altogether. Don’t believe us? Check out our recommended picks:

1. Earth Life Organics Face Wash

earth life organics face wash In three variants: Aspara Glades (aloe vera and apple scented), Eve’s Garden (mangosteen scented), and Sun Daze (patchouli scented), this gentle cleanser contains vitamin E, which helps hydrate skin while offering antioxidant, anti-ageing, and antiseptic benefits. Using pure and mild ingredients, it is gentle even on delicate skin. This retails at SGD14 with the ongoing promotion. See all the face washes here.

2. Earth Life Organics Shower Gel

Like all products by Earth Life Organics, its shower gel is formulated with a coconut oil base to offer natural nourishment. Also enriched with antioxidant-rich vitamin E and a blend of essential oils, this improves skin texture by exfoliating dead skin cells, and hydrates and nourishes skin while eliminating unpleasant odour. It retails at SGD12.90 after the discount.

Besides Green Fields (green tea), this shower gel also comes in these variants: Aspara Glades (apple and aloe vera), Eve’s Garden (fruity), Milky Way (rose and vanilla), Morning Mocha (coffee and chocolate), and Sun Daze (patchouli). See all of them here.

3. Earth Life Organics Shampoo

earth life organics shampooThis shampoo doesn’t just strengthen weak and damaged hair, it also nourishes and regenerates scalp and hair follicles to deliver better scalp health. Infusing essential oils that have a calm effect, it is a treat for those who lead hectic lifestyles to soothe your body and mind after a tiring day. It retails at SGD15 with the ongoing promotion.

Find your favourite amongst Aspara Glades (apple and aloe vera), Eve’s Garden (fruity), and Purple Haze (lavender). See all of them here.

Other than the above mentioned products, Earth Life Organics also carries other products for the body, face and hair, and even for home care and pet care.


How do quality organic brands keep their cost low?

Baru Walia, Director of Earth Life Organics says that the brand is able to keep its cost low by opting for packaging (including labels and bottles) that is simple and more affordable. These cost savings are then passed to the consumers – after all, what matters is the formula inside the bottles.

Besides packaging, Earth Life Organics also keeps their formula uncomplicated. “We don’t over-complicate our formula by adding in multiple botanical extracts. Less is more, sometimes having too many ingredients can cause some of them to cancel out the benefits of others. We only keep to the best ingredients that are needed to make the formula work,” Baru Walia says.

The specially picked out ingredients also make Earth Life Organics products suitable for pregnant women who usually experience some skin sensitivity during pregnancy.

He assures that the formula remains effective and of high quality. “High prices don’t necessarily equate to better quality,” he explains.

Earth Life Organics has a team that specialises in aromatherapy, homeopathy and herbal therapy. Their know-how helps them to create body, hair and facial care products that are infused with just the right amount of botanical ingredients and essential oils.


The brand has been established by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field. The products are made with phyto-ingredients that are sourced from Indonesia, which is one of the most botanically rich places in the world.

“Because we are using some of the finest botanical ingredients, we have to make sure our extraction method preserves their integrity; we use a tried-and-tested extraction process that allows the ingredients to retain their full benefits,” he adds.

Earth Life Organics products are available at their online store, which has a simple order and delivery process, and is also hosted at Kitchen By Food Rebel located at 28 Stanley Street (in the Telok Ayer area).

This article is brought to you by Earth Life Organics.