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We’re sure everyone has had this fantasy at some point of her life: If only we could transfer the excess fat from our tummy to our chest – then we can finally have a more shapely silhouette. There’s enough fat from other parts of the body to contribute to our bust line!

Thanks to medical science, this thought has already been made into a reality. The procedure of transferring fat tissue from areas such as your abdomen, tummy, thighs or any other areas with unwanted fat to your breasts is now practised by some of the more experienced plastic surgeons and aesthetics doctors in Singapore.

One of such treatments you can find in Singapore is the ADR-C Breast Enhancement, one of Amaris B. Clinic’s signature treatments. It’s gaining popularity for obvious reasons: it kills two birds with one stone by helping you achieve fuller bosoms while visibly trimming another part of your body.

What does the procedure involve?

The ADR-C Breast Enhancement is a two-step fat-grafting treatment that involves harvesting and injection. Excess fat from other parts of the body is first acquired via liposuction. The fat tissue is then purified carefully and harvested, in order to maintain the integrity of the fat cells and following that, re-injected back into the breast area.

How does the ADR-C Breast Enhancement compare to traditional breast implant surgery?

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Our breasts are made up of glands and fat cells, and this is why the ADR-C Breast Enhancement treatment, which injects your own fat cells to increase the volume of your breasts, is able to produce a more natural-looking result. The ADR-C Breast Enhancement treatment also offers no risk of ruptures, leaks or shifts, which are usually associated with implants.

Where can the fat be harvested from?

It can be taken from any fat-abundant body areas, but usually from the thighs, belly, and buttocks. During your consultation with your doctor, you should discuss the best areas to take fat from, in order to achieve your desirable body shape, when you trim one part of your body and increasing your cup size at the same time.

Where should you receive the treatment from?


This procedure can only be administered by a medical doctor who practises this technique. Always do research to find out if the doctor you’re engaging has strong experience in body contouring procedures. Besides offering you a safer procedure, an experienced doctor is also able to make good judgement and recommendations to help you achieve your desired body shape, as well as good follow-up consultations while you’re recovering.

ABR-C Breast Enhancement is available at Amaris B. Clinic, helmed by Dr. Ivan Puah.

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