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One thing is inevitable: the eventual appearance of signs of ageing. But this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing we can do to slow it down.

Whether they’ve already started creeping up on you or you’re hoping to prevent them from occurring too soon, understanding more about them and how aesthetic medicine can help manage them definitely gives you an edge in achieving your desired look as you age.

To debunk myths related to ageing and aesthetic treatments that help combat signs of ageing, we spoke to Dr. Shane Abucewicz-Tan of Genesis Aesthetics Clinic, an arm of NOVU that offers bespoke treatments and patient-centric customised services. Dr. Shane is a graduate of National University of Singapore and a member of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Having accumulated years of experience as an aesthetic physician, Dr. Shane has presented at various international conferences and published articles on topics including plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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With Dr. Shane’s help, we’ve identified five common misconceptions about ageing and aesthetic treatments for signs of ageing, and have him debunk each of them.

1. Lasers can solve all skin problems

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Whenever we think about aesthetic treatments, laser therapies come to mind. This is probably because it is designed to help resolve many skincare woes, including removing the look of acne scars, brightening and evening skin tone, visibly eliminating pigmentation, and even preventing the occurrence of pimples.

However, lasers aren’t able to treat every single type of skin problem. For instance, when it comes to anti-ageing, there are two areas that have to be addressed: restoring volume and hydration. The former gives skin a firmer look and is great if you’re beginning to notice sagginess, and the latter gives skin a plumper, brighter look and also reduces the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness.

Instead of simply requesting for laser treatments the next time you visit your aesthetic doctor, consider asking him/her about other anti-ageing treatments that can target at your problem more precisely.

2. Injectables make you look “artificial”

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Injectables can make you look artificial – if not done properly.

The most important factor to making sure that you achieve a natural look? Finding a skilled doctor who knows facial anatomy. A doctor who is familiar with how facial muscles support the facial structure and how skin droops will be able to administer injections more accurately. At the same time, a doctor that understands every individual’s facial proportions will be able to the area to add more volume into, in order to achieve a natural effect, instead of going overboard with it.

This is why it is important to research into the clinic you’re visiting and find out more about your doctor’s experience before committing to an injectable treatment.

3. Skincare products can be replaced by lasers because they combat most problems

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Healthy skin requires consistent maintenance – something that treatments like lasers aren’t able to provide. To make sure that skin is healthy, it needs to be cleansed and moisturised every day. Weekly exfoliation can also help slough off dead skin cells from the surface of skin and reveal newer skin that looks radiant. Laser treatments can only be used as a regular booster to achieve a brighter and more even complexion, or to address a specific problem (for example, reducing the look of scars or pigmentation).

This is why even if you’re already going for laser treatments, you should still continue to be conscientious with your skincare routine. In fact, it is recommended that you moisturised thoroughly and apply UV protection after each laser treatment.

Moreover, while laser treatments are able to address many skincare problems, they don’t take care of every ageing-related issue. Remember Myth #1?

4. I don’t need laser treatments as I don’t see any pigmentation on my skin

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Laser treatments are a powerful therapy for eliminating the appearance of pigmentation. Some patients may shy away from this treatment because they feel that they don’t observe any dark spots or pigmentation on the surface of their skin.

However, you can actually still benefit from laser treatments even if you’re not seeing any pigmentation on your skin at this moment. This is because pigment caused by UV damage lies under the dermis level and won’t surface until a long time later. Laser treatments are good for removing them before they have the chance to surface. This means that you’ll be able to prevent the appearance of pigmentation – which makes laser treatments a great protocol for those susceptible to hyperpigmentation.

5. Injectables can freeze ageing permanently and replace plastic surgery

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Injectables such as botulinum toxin and fillers can certainly deliver a dramatic effect to how your face looks and eliminate signs of ageing within a short time. However, it is important to be realistic about what injectables can and cannot do.

Substances in injectables are usually absorbed by the body through the metabolic process eventually, and the effect of the treatment wears off over time. For instance, some fillers can last up to a year while botulinum toxin typically only last for three months. Compared to plastic surgery, which gives a permanent result, you’ll need to go for repeated injections in order to maintain your desired results.

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