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Using a bath bomb for the first time can be an enthralling experience for us. Imagine cradling the midnight blue, sparkling orb, and dropping it into the bathtub. As it dissolves and dyes the water with swirls of deep blue, the air also becomes perfumed with the bath bomb’s minty scent.

It is perhaps no secret then that many, like us, are drawn to bath bombs primarily for their gorgeous packaging. Yet, a question that has to be asked is: are there any extra benefits to using bath bombs? Will using it on the regular turn us into real-life mermaids with glowing skin, for instance?

Below, we check out if bathing in these orbs is beneficial for our skin at all!

1. Bath bombs do not provide skincare benefits

First things first – sorry, but using bath bombs do not necessarily make you a bombshell (sorry, couldn’t resist)!

While we would like to believe that bathing in them gives us radiant skin, too, but truth is that while they are dreamy and smell divine, they don’t do much for our skin. A quick look at their ingredient list also shows that most bath bombs consist of colouring agents and ingredients to provide the fizz and sparkle.

Source: Lush

Allure has also analysed these ingredients, and concluded that bath bombs are “nothing more than an innocuous mix” of glitters, colouring agents, and oils. Now, we could perhaps be pedantic and argue that these oils help moisturise our skin, but this would not be very substantial, given that bath oils do not comprise a large proportion of the ingredient list.

2. Sensitive skin? Maybe avoid using them.

As you have probably realised, a bath bomb consists of tons of ingredients to make it so appealing both to our eyes and noses. If foreign names in skincare products (hello, sodium laureth sulfate) tend to irritate your skin, it may then be advisable to use less of bath bombs.

Don’t despair if you really love bath bombs, though – fragrance-free bath bombs are your best bets. There are even bath bombs designed for sensitive skin in mind. Alternatively, if you’re nifty with your hands, you can always attempt to DIY your very own bath bombs. As a side note, that will make a really sweet gift for the upcoming Christmas season too!

3. Stick to your moisturising routines after a long bath!

Bath bombs have so many benefits. Just inhaling its sweet scents (Lavender! Vanilla! Honey!) and watching it dissolve in our bathtubs can be so therapeutic after a long day at work.

Hands up if you’re guilty of sneaking into Lush stores just to obsessively sniff every single bath bomb before waltzing out, much to the salesperson’s chagrin. We know we are!

Yet, the bottom line is that a bath bomb’s magical effects do not extend to providing us with skincare benefits. Take your time to smell the (proverbial) roses, but moisturise religiously!