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Achieving perfect brows are the new #makeupgoal standard. And this is one trend that doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

To learn more about how to achieve perfect brows all the time, we spoke to makeup experts from Estee Lauder: Leo Wong, Global Pro Makeup Artist from Hong Kong, and Fahmi Zulkafli, Field Sales Executive from Malaysia.

Leo has regularly been creating beautiful looks featured in magazines, and on the runways of Hong Kong Fashion Week, and Fahmi was part of the makeup crew in Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2. The two experts were in Singapore to celebrate the opening of the new Estee Lauder boutique at Marina Bay Sands.

Why are great brows important?

brow tips and advice

Daily Vanity spoke to makeup experts from Estee Lauder to learn how to achieve perfect brows.

Daily Vanity observes that beautiful brows aren’t a huge focus in makeup trends until recently. Leo and Fahmi agree.

“Achieving perfect brows become an important trend, thanks to influence from Korean makeup. In Korean makeup, brows and lips are the focus to help makeup look more prominent,” Leo shares.

“Great brows help to frame the face,” Fahmi adds. He also observes that social media influence has also made brows an important feature that women focus on in recent years, thanks to key opinion leaders and online publications perpetuating the importance of good-looking brows to make or break the entire look.

Upcoming brow trends to look out for

Like eye makeup and lip makeup trends, brow trends evolve over time. Leo and Fahmi share that makeup trends that are popular in Asia will be influenced by a few factors: fashion trends on the runway, popular dramas (especially those from Korea), and looks seen on online platforms.

“Korean makeup trends will continue to be strong in Asia,” Leo shares.

Leo Wong from Estee Lauder

Leo Wong shares with us the latest brow trends.

We know that straight brows is the de facto trendy brows these days, but Leo says that this trend is evolving.

“Instead of absolutely straight brows, straight brows that have a little arch at the end of them are becoming more popular,” Leo explains.

The most common brow mistake

While trends are important, and the two makeup experts make sure they stay on top of them, they agree that what’s most important is to create brows that fit your own face shape.

“Having the wrong brow shape is probably the most common mistakes I’ve seen,” Leo says. He advises that we should not follow trends blindly, but instead create that suit our faces.

“The trick is to modify current trends to fit your face shape,” Leo advises.

Fahmi from Estee Lauder

Fahmi says that using the right products and techniques can help perfect your brows.

Fahmi adds that what looks good on others may not always look good on you, so getting an expert to help you find the right shape, and using the right products and techniques are important.

How to get the right brow shape

It’s not easy to get the right brow shape to suit your face, because it’s dependent on several factors. Leo says that a brow expert will have to look at the entire eye area and your features to ascertain the right brow shape for you.

For instance, he says, an expert will look at the space between the brow and eye to decide how to adjust the brow shape so the proportion looks perfect. The expert will also make use of the right brow shape to help lift droopy-looking eyes. In other words, getting the right brow shape can help make the rest of features look better too.

Brow and tips advice

To get the right brow shape, Fahmi says that you can speak to an Estee Lauder beauty advisor at its Glam Me Up service. During the consultation, the beauty advisor will be able to help you with brow mapping in order to find the perfect shape for you.

After learning from the expert, maintain your perfect brows with great products. Leo and Fahmi suggest that we use a brow pencil first. The pencil can help create shape and fill in spaces in bare areas, making it a perfect tool for Asians, who typically have thin and sparse brows.

Next, apply powder onto areas that still look sparse. Leo suggests that you dispense some of the powder onto the back of your hand, and then use a brush to apply the product onto your brows. Any leftover powder can be used to contour your eyelids, which means you won’t be wasting any product.

Leo and Fahmi recommends that every brow beginner be armed with Estee Lauder’s The Brow Multi-Tasker. This is a 3-in-1 brow product that consists of a pencil, powder, and spoolie, all within one pen. This makes it a convenient tool to have, because it has all you need to create perfect brows.

3 brow tips and hacks from Leo & Fahmi

  • To maintain your brow shape, choose tweezing over waxing and shaving. The experts say that waxing can cause tugging at your eye area, which will cause loss in elasticity over time. Shaving isn’t recommended too because the method can leave behind stubbles. Tweezing is best because it offers a clean finish that helps makeup apply more easily.
  • If you’d like to groom unruly brows, here’s a trick you can try. Dispense the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair onto a mascara brush and lightly brush through your brows with it. Your brows will be groomed immediately, and your brow area will also receive some tender, loving care from the iconic serum.
  • Did you just lighten the colour of your hair? Your dark-coloured brows may not complement your hair anymore. To lighten them, simply find a mascara gel in the lightest colour available, brush it through your brows to lighten them instantly.