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Traditional beauty facials may be pampering but if you ask a Korean aesthetics doctors what they recommend as a regular treatment for flawless complexion, you’ll be sure to hear “laser facial”.

Laser facials use lasers to improve and rejuvenate your skin by breaking down abnormal pigmentation and inducing collagen growth. But don’t for a moment think that this is a bad thing – it isn’t. When collagen is broken down at the right level, your skin naturally repairs itself by forming new collagen. This process of rejuvenation helps your skin appear healthier, more radiant, look tighter, and also addresses a suite of different skin concerns.

What are the benefits of laser facials?

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To understand more about the draw of this treatment, we spoke to Dr. Gary Si, an aesthetics doctor at Gangnam Laser Clinic. Gangnam Laser Clinic is a leading specialist in laser facials, and emphasises on delivering a “Korean approach” towards medical aesthetics, and uses equipment from Korea, or that have been recommended by their Korean medical advisors.

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Dr. Gary Si

“Laser treatments are customised to give patients the best results”, Dr. Si explained. “At Gangnam Laser Clinic, each treatment is always preceded with an assessment by a trained aesthetic physician to ascertain the exact problem you have with your skin.”

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Care and assessment by a trained professional isn’t the only reason why more people, especially busy working professionals are drawn to laser facials. One of the most attractive benefits of laser facial treatments is how versatile it can be at resolving different skin problems: from rejuvenating dull skin, to addressing issues of laxity, and even improving the appearance of pores, poor texture, mild acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation – laser facials can help them all. In other words, it’s practically a treatment that everyone will benefit from; no wonder Korean aesthetics doctors love it!

The painless treatment has no downtime, and is very quick – much quicker than traditional facial treatments – lasting for less than 30 minutes normally, making it the perfect lunch-time fix.

How often should you go for laser facials to see results?

“Treatments are typically done in two to three weekly intervals, depending on the type of treatment, condition of the skin, and response to the treatment rendered. The frequency will normally be decided by the attending aesthetic physician to ensure that the treatment remains effective and safe,” says Dr. Si.

How do you pick a doctor for your laser facial?

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Laser facial treatments can only be administered by medically-trained aesthetic physicians, and with so many reputable clinics offering laser treatments, how should you choose who to go with?

Dr. Si has the following pointers to share:

  • Do appropriate research online as there is a wealth of resources available with regard to skin ailments and their treatments.
  • Make an appointment with the clinic and sit down with the doctor so you can see for yourself if you are comfortable with the doctor. Find out if the doctor can provide a comprehensive and sensible treatment plan for your skin condition.
  • Enquire about the types of lasers that are used.
  • Lastly, proximity to your home or work place should also be factored in as compliance with the scheduled treatments often lead to better outcomes.

Dr. Gary Si is from Gangnam Laser Clinic, which is located at #03-55, Harbourfront Centre (Tel: 6275-3381) and #03-04, One Raffles Place (Tel: 6536 8393). Find out more about Gangnam Laser Clinic here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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