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Before collagen drinks were popular, bird’s nest was the de facto “beauty supplement” that women indulged in. The delicacy is known for its health and beauty benefits and Asians have long been fascinated by it.


The beauty benefits of bird’s nest aren’t just an old wives’ tale. Recent studies have scientific proof that bird’s nest contains a growth factor known as “Epidermal Growth Factor” (or EGF) that stimulates cell growth proliferation, which can help improve our complexion.

But we know that nutrients in dietary supplements are usually directed first to our body, with a negligible amount that goes to our skin typically. So the question is: will applying bird’s nest onto our skin directly help us get the full benefits of it for our complexion?

Does applying bird’s nest on your skin improve your complexion?

Nutox Birds Nest Skincare

Well, before you go ahead and indulge in a bird’s nest mask, there are ready solutions. NUTOX, a skincare brand that has recently come to Singapore, takes pride in products that harness the benefits of bird’s nest. In other words, NUTOX products allow you to directly apply bird’s nest onto your skin to enjoy the full skincare benefits of this beauty delicacy.

It all sounds too amazing and we had to ask Sean Lee, General Manager of NUTOX, to shed some light on this technology and to explain to us how it works.

Sean echoes the studies that we found about the power of EGF in bird’s nest. He adds, “EGF is a form of protein that has anti-ageing abilities, is able to stimulate skin growth at the cellular level, and also increases collagen production.”

But harnessing the goodness of bird’s nest and allowing it to be penetrated deeply into skin is no mean feat. The NUTOX research team spent three years developing an ideal technology in order to deliver these benefits to skin seamlessly.

The magic in the recipe? Actigenic+.

According to Sean, this is a self-regenerative system exclusive to NUTOX, which boosts genetic activity in skin after it has received the skincare goodness of bird’s nest from the product.

“Actigenic + is made up of micro algae and Indian Gentian extracts, and helps skin promote more efficient collagen production and cell regeneration,” Sean explains.

Does NUTOX products work?

Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate 30ml

And it looks like the technology is showing promising results.

The NUTOX Advanced Serum Concentrate is currently the best-selling anti-ageing serum in Malaysia, where NUTOX has been available in for a long time. Sean shares that in a home usage study that has been conducted among 118 women, 98% of users sees reduction in wrinkles in just seven days.

Nutox Serum Review Nancy Wu 1

No wonder even Hong Kong celebrity Nancy Wu (胡定欣) is a fan of this product.

Nutox Serum Review Nancy Wu 2

In fact, it was Nancy who first introduced the product to Singaporean author and entrepreneur Michelle Hon, also known as @thechillmom, and told her that the NUTOX Advanced Serum Concentrate has helped her maintain her great skin.

Michelle Hon 1

Michelle Hon is now a faithful user of NUTOX.

Michelle shares that she enjoys using the serum because she is able to feel immediate hydration upon application. She also likes that the serum is light in texture and absorbs easily into her skin.

She observed that her skin became firmer, smoother, and younger-looking after using the serum. But what really made her take the product even more seriously was when her husband complimented her on her more radiant complexion and even asked her to let him try the product after he knows her beauty secret.

We tried the product for ourselves

Nutox Serum Review 1

The NUTOX Advanced Serum Concentrate comes in a luxurious-looking bottle that you might imagine finding in a department store. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s actually rather affordable (SGD35.90) and can be easily found at selected Watsons and NTUC Fairprice stores in Singapore.

Nutox Serum Review 2

Like Michelle attested, the serum indeed has a super lightweight texture. I find that it absorbs into skin instantly, which is always a good sign that a serum has high penetration ability. It has a soothing and elegant scent that I love and leaves my skin feeling supple and hydrated right after application.

The intense hydration from the product makes my skin appear brighter and helps makeup to glide on more easily than before. Dry patches around my nose also disappeared immediately.

If you ask me, the pampering experience of using the product is no less than enjoying a bowl of bird’s nest, but the benefits are definitely more visible than consuming the delicacy. Looks like I’d rather apply bird’s nest on my skin than drink it from now!