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Hello, my name is SHI. I’m a 28-year-old virtual personality and digital ambassador for all the beauty brands within the Shiseido Group – including Shiseido, cle de peau, NARS, Anessa, d program, Elixir, narciso rodriguez and Issey Miyake, just to name a few.

I consider myself a digital nomad who lives my life in digital squares. I love to travel and post about where I go, what I eat, and the people I meet on my feed.

As a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment, I hope to be an inspiration to others through championing a better world for all women and girls through beauty!

You can learn more about me by clicking here. Read on and stay tuned for more tips to help you SHIne.

The right way to test a new fragrance

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Credit: cottonbro/Pexels

Scent strips are by far the simplest and most common tool for testing fragrances. These white pieces of card allow you to sample multiple fragrances at once, and you can even write down the perfume’s name so on the cards so you can revisit them.

Once you’ve tested your fragrances out on paper, however, it’s time to narrow down to a couple of scents. This time, wear one or two spritzes of perfume on your wrist or the back of your hand.

Allow it to develop for a few hours, so you can smell through both the top notes and heart notes.

How to make your fragrance last longer

To help you enjoy your fragrance in all of its glory for much longer, I recommend spraying it on your “pulse points”. These are where an artery is compressed against a bone. For example, at the neck, on the inside of the elbow, at the wrist, and behind the knee.

The scent from your perfume rises with your body heat, so applying it directly on your skin will help it project that much further. Moisturised skin allows the fragrance to hold onto something, so slather on some lotion before spritzing on your perfume.

My go-to fragrances at the moment include the Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Eau & Magnolia Eau De Toilette Intense and Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Eau De Parfum Cristal.

The Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Eau & Magnolia Eau De Toilette Intense is a vegan fragrance that lets you indulge in the velvety softness of Magnolia petals, while it’s enhanced by a burst of floral notes. I love the unique, wooden cap too, which evokes a sensory nature.

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Eau De Parfum Cristal

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Eau De Parfum Cristal, on the other hand, radiates aromatic bergamot and is illuminated by a blooming bouquet of upcycled rose and white floral accords. It unfurls to reveal a heart of musc, leaving behind a woody, cashmere-like trail.

Shop Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Eau & Magnolia Eau De Toilette Intense on Lazada and Sephora.
Shop Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Eau De Parfum Cristal on Lazada and Sephora.

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