Red roses and satin hearts – love is in the air and Valentine’s day is just round the corner. Whether you’ll be out with a romantic date or just hitting the bar with close friends, V-day is the perfect excuse to put together a cute outfit. And here is a list of 10 designs to help you nail that ultimate date night look!

1. Classic Red


If you’re spoiled for choice and are thinking of sticking with the classic red, consider playing around with a mixture of textures instead! This way, you get to be creative, while still using the hallmark colour of the season.

2. Metallic Pop


Alternatively, you could add a metallic pop in either gold or silver to the classic red. Details such as a single stripe make for an eye-catching combination that would give a chic modern twist to your overall ensemble.

3. Be trendy with almond-shaped nails


Moving on from square and round nail shapes, in 2017 we are likely to see a rise in the trend for almond-shaped designs. According to the Swiss webzine LuxaryActivist, this shape is popular as it helps to elongate your fingers for an elegant and soft look.

4. Queen of Hearts


“Bold, attention getting and tempestuous” is how Pantone has described Pink Yarrow; a shade of pink that was recently released as part of the 2017 Spring Fashion Colour Report. Incorporate this seasonal colour easily into the above DIY design!

5. Valentine’s Day Kisses


Palpitations…Butterflies in your stomach…What better way to express how you feel about romantic love than through this adorable design!

6. Nude


If you haven’t yet decided on the colours of your outfit, try your hands on this neutral look for a safe pairing. ‘Unpretentious and with an inherent warmth’, Pantone recommends using the colour Hazelnut to pull off an effortless look this coming spring.

7. Go Matte


To satisfy your inner goth amidst the cheesy season of love, try experimenting with matte textures to stand out from the crowd!

8. Love Language


Although it’s true that a picture says a thousand words, perhaps some would prefer spelling it out for their partners. If the word ‘LOVE’ in capitals appears overwhelming, try using a smaller font or go with something more personalised like you and your partner’s initials.

9. Love in the Air


If being cutesy and girly is certainly your thing, go all out with this adorable design! Even if it isn’t, Valentine’s day is still the perfect excuse for you to have a little fun in trying a new look.

10. Greenery


Symbolic of new beginnings, Pantone’s 2017 Colour of the Year, Greenery, can be apt whether you’re in a relationship or are single-and-ready-to-mingle. While this bright and refreshing shade might seem daunting at first, the happy people at Pantone has put together a useful guide on possible pairings here. So have fun and experiment freely, ultimately this shade is sure to steal your heart!

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