Another day, another TikTok beauty trend. This time, we’re exploring the dry shampoo product that has been taking over #BeautyTok and the Chinese beauty community on Douyin.

In a series of skit-like videos like these, users can be seen reviving their greasy and flat hair with this unbelievably affordable product.


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From many of such videos, any greasiness from the user’s hair seems to magically disappear, leaving it with a fluffy, smooth texture that could convince your peers you hadn’t just gone three days without washing it.

No shame, we’ve all done it at some point.


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But with all the hype surrounding the product, you may be wondering if it actually works. And more importantly, how did it only cost 99 cents on TikTok Shop?

We set out to find out if this dry shampoo is truly the budget-friendly humid weather lifesaver we all need, or just another hoax to skip.

The brand behind the 99-cent dry shampoo

C-beauty brands have been gaining traction in recent years for their affordable products and quality that’s sometimes on par with cult favourites by Korean and Japanese brands.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that the brand behind this is a Chinese cosmetic company called Maycreate. Their most notable products are the viral dry shampoo, and a sun protection spray that has been receiving rave reviews online.

The dry shampoo promises to remove oil while providing added texture and volume to give the appearance of fuller hair. Is there any validity to the claims, though?

What are online shoppers saying?

Since the miracle dry shampoo started trending on the internet, vendors on platforms like Shopee and Lazada have sold over thousands of cans of this product, so we took to the reviews to find out what customers are saying.

It received generally positive reviews, with many saying that it does indeed give them the results shown in the viral videos. Here’s a breakdown of the most common takes on the product.

It does not leave a white cast

Unlike most dry shampoos, Maycreate’s product doesn’t seem to leave as much of the undesirable white, powdery residue you may typically encounter when applying products of this nature. Many have also said that it did not leave their hair with a white cast at all, which is an absolute win in our books.

Pro tip: Let it set on your hair for 30 seconds before combing it out. This ensures that visible residue (if any) disappears completely.

It helps with oil control

Photo source: Shopee

A top indicator of a good dry shampoo is its ability to reduce the appearance and feel of oily hair, so it’s a good thing that this affordable spray seems to deliver in this aspect as well.


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Reviewers who have sprayed it on after a day of not washing it have seemed to restore their hair into a more “matte” state.

They come in pleasant scents

Many also pointed out that the two fragrances available, “Freesia” and “Blue Wind Chimes” are both fres floral scents which are pleasant without being too overpowering. If you’re sensitive to strong fragrances, this could be a major bonus.

It may make your hair more voluminous

When it comes to its ability to create a fluffy hair texture, the opinions are decidedly mixed. Many have commented that to their surprise, it did indeed give their hair that instant boost of volume and that it appears more bouncy like what was shown in the viral videos.

However, some others have said that they observed no noticeable difference.

If your hair tends to fall flat throughout the day and you’re on a hunt for a product to combat this, we say there’s no harm in giving this a go, given its affordable price point.

It contains three ingredients that could improve hair texture

The dry shampoo contains ingredients like cetrimonium chloride, polygonum multiflorum extract, and aloe vera extract, all of which could have hair-enhancing properties.

Cetrimonium Chloride

This compound is often used in cosmetic and personal care products, and you’ll most commonly find it in shampoos and conditioners targeted at frizzy or curly hair due to its ability to reduce hair static. It has also been found to smooth out hair cuticles, soften it, and leave a soft, silky touch.

Polygonum multiflorum

Polygonum multiflorum is an herb that’s native to China, and its extracts have been used for centuries as a treatment of physical conditions such as backaches, liver diseases, hair loss, and greying of hair.

Studies have found that this natural ingredient could indeed improve the speed of hair growth when incorporated into shampoo-type products, though it seems unlinked to the immediate aesthetic effect of “shiner hair”, like the product claims.

Regardless, it’s an ingredient that’s been approved for cosmetic use, so you won’t have to worry about safety concerns when applying it.

Aloe vera extract

We often see aloe vera as an ingredient in our skincare products due to its acclaimed hydrating properties, but did you know that it could also benefit your hair health?

Dandruff is a pretty common issue, and it’s been estimated that half of all adults in the world experience it. Itchy scars, redness, or scaling are all problems you may face if you wash your hair too often or infrequently, leading you to purchase products like dry shampoo.

As an antibacterial agent, aloe vera helps to remove excess oils in your hair without attacking the actual strands. While it’s not a cure-all, this plant-based ingredient is quite gentle on the scalp, so there’s no harm trying it out.

Steps to using the viral dry shampoo for the best results

Photo source: Pexels

Step 1: Shake well before use

This is to ensure that all the beneficial ingredients of your dry shampoo are mixed up before use, to maximise the beneficial effect of each application. It can also help reduce or eliminate any white powdery residue.

Step 2: Spray it on

Section your hair into more manageable layers and begin spraying the dry shampoo near the roots of your hair, making sure all affected areas are covered.

Step 3: Massage it into your scalp

Wait about 30 seconds to a minute to let it set. Then, going in a front-and-back motion, use your fingers to comb the product through your hair.

Where to buy it

While the Maycreate dry shampoo was available to new users of  TikTok shop for S$0.99 at one point, sadly, this promotion has since ended.

Don’t worry, though. It’s available online on all your favourite e-commerce sites at an affordable price of less than S$7!

Maycreate dry shampoo retails for S$6.90 on Shopee and Lazada.

Featured image credit: winnie’s treasure/Xiao Hong Shu