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A new makeup trend has taken the beauty world by storm on Xiao Hong Shu, and it’s no ordinary look.

It transports you to a world of fairy fantasies with its angelic eye makeup and a dreamy colour palette. Meet the “angel eye” makeup!

What Exactly Is “Angel Eye” Makeup?

This ethereal eye makeup is renowned for its angelic allure, relying heavily on the strategic placement of glitter and the incorporation of the popular ‘clean crease’ eyeshadow technique.


Less bitter more glitter

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It’s a versatile style, allowing you to go for a softer, subtler look or a bolder, statement-making appearance—both radiating an otherworldly charm that beautifully captures and reflects light.


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Today, we’ll break down the steps to help you achieve this mesmerising look, following a tutorial by TikTok creator, @grannyfawn.

Step 1: Laying the Foundation for the Eyeshadow Look

Begin by applying concealer to prime your eyelids, creating a long-lasting base for your eyeshadow.


Next, using a fluffy brush, apply your favourite pink eyeshadow in a sweeping ‘C’ shape, extending it over the outer edges of your eye, slightly above the crease. Focus most of the pigment along the outer edge of your eye and underneath it.


Step 2: Enhancing the Aegyosal and Adding Pink Tones

Squint your eyes to find the outline of your aegyosal (the puffy, under-eye area), then lightly shade that area with the remaining eyeshadow on your brush.


Then, use the same pink shade to give a subtle rosy touch to the apples of your cheeks, extending it slightly inward. Apply the same shade to your nose, as if drawing a small heart under the tip.


With a thin, angled brush and dark brown eyeshadow, shade your lash line, starting from where your under-eye naturally turns upward.


Trace the outline of your aegyosal, ensuring that most of the pigment concentration is beneath the centre of your eye.


To highlight and clean up your aegyosal, use a flat brush and a light concealer, brightening the area above and beside the outer edge of it.


Finally, lightly shade your blended aegyosal with a hint of pink by using a small amount of pink eyeshadow.


Step 3: Nose Contouring for “Angel Eyes”

Nose contouring is crucial in achieving the “angel eye” makeup. Use your preferred contour shade to contour your nose according to your face shape.

Next, apply the contour beneath the front of your eyebrow to highlight your eyes, creating a cut crease effect and ensuring a cohesive eye and face makeup look.


Step 4: Preparing the Base for Glitter Eyeshadow

With a light concealer, lay down a base for glitter on your inner corner.


Lightly, and with soft strokes, outline a cut crease, following the shape of your nose contour. The roundness or flatness of the cut crease can be adjusted to achieve the desired effect for your eyes.


Step 5: Adding and Layering Glitter Eyeshadows

Start by applying a super-fine silver glitter in two parts: first in the inner corner, then along your concealer cut crease. Keep these applications slightly separate for a more appealing look.


With slightly thicker glitter, layer for a multidimensional effect, ensuring the glitter catches light from any angle.


Finally, apply the largest pieces of glitter. Instead of swiping, gently dab the pigment in the inner corner of your eyes and around the cut crease.


Extend this glitter downward, placing it lightly under your pupil. This draws attention to your under-eye area, making your eyes appear larger without causing a mess.


Step 6: Creating a Subtle Winged Eyeliner

Using a thin, angled brush and a light brown eyeshadow, lightly line your outer lash line, avoiding the crease area.


Create a small diagonal wing and blend it into the outer edge of your lash line. Keep it subtle, as it should not overshadow the brilliance of the glitter.


To intensify your inner corner, shade the area beneath your tear duct, enhancing the tapered look of your eye.


Step 7: Finishing Touch With Eyelashes and Glossy Lips

Curl your eyelashes and apply your favourite mascara to both your upper and lower lashes.


For your lips, add a touch of lip oil to create shine and plumpness.



And there you have it! The “angel eye” makeup look is a truly extraordinary style, guaranteed to give you a radiant, ethereal glow.

Featured image credits: @chan_uy/Pinterest, @baemikacchi/Pinterest.