One of the most annoying things about keeping bangs is the aftermath – when you want to grow it out but have to be put through a gruelling “transition period”.

Thankfully, there are several chic looks to wear while you’re having “transition bangs”, and many of them are, in fact, the trendiest looks right now. You’ll be so glad your fringe has grown out to this awkward length after reading this article!

1. See-through bangs

The awkward length of your bangs is actually perfect for creating “see-through bangs”, the most popular Korean hair trend of the moment.

Tuck the longer pieces of hair behind your ears. Then, all you’ll need is a hair straightener or curler for curling the rest of your bangs inwards, into a C-shape.

Here’s a simple tutorial to follow.

2. Put your bangs into a bun

Another chic look that’s super easy to achieve: put your bangs to a bun. You only need an elastic band!

DV Tip: This look is meant to look effortless, so bunching your fringe (and some hair at the sides of your head) without combing it first will give you the best result.

3. Braid it up

A simple French braid can help keep your bangs out of the way, and give you a stylish look that is appropriate for both work and play.

4. Gel it all back

Get it out of the way by pushing it all up. All you need is some hair gel and hair spray. Put your hair into an effortless bun for a look like oozes character.

5. Neaten with a scarf

A great summer look, this allows you to get your bangs out of the way, as you showcase your style with your choice of hair scarf. Since it’s summer all year round in Singapore, this look will never lose its charm!

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