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Lip-gloss can get rather sticky and greasy. Hair sticking on your lips? With the advent of lip oil, getting glossy, moisturised lips is no longer confined to a lip-gloss experience. So what’s lip oil? They are like a lip-gloss but wayyy better. No wonder this product is quickly taking over everyone’s makeup pouch.

Benefits of a lip oil

It moisturises and nourishes

Lip oil is like the dark horse of lip-gloss and here are the reasons why we are their excitable advocates. They provide intense hydration and moisturisation for your lips. Typically infused with natural oils such as coconut, jojaba, and rosehip, they do a smacking good job of nourishing your chapped lips.

If you suffer from dry lips but can’t give up the matte lips look, consider alternating your days between your favourite matte lipstick and a lip oil. You’ll certainly find your lips flaking less frequently.

Your lips will still look glossy

We’ve always replied on lip glosses to give our lips the high-shine, juicy look. But we know we hate it for the sticky feeling we get from it. A lip oil can still give you the glossy look that you’re seeking, without the sticky feeling. Wear it on its own for a natural-looking pout, or dab it on top of your favourite lip colour for some extra shine.

Comes in variety and options

Whether you’re just looking to nourish your lips with it or to use as a lip colour, you’ll be able to find a suitable lip oil from the clear ones to those that are highly-pigmented, and of course, everything in between. Looking for something affordable and fun to try lip oil out? We recommend Milk’s Makeup Oil Lip Stain in Tude.

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How to get started

Lip oil is versatile and can be layered under or over your lipstick. If you have time to spare, it is always good to exfoliate your lips first. This preps your lips and helps to absorb up more of the nourishing oil later.

If you are looking for a pigmented, deep matte finish (but still with its nourishing goodness), pout your lips and line them with Tony Moly’s Delight Tony Tint.

Lip oil recommendations ranked from most affordable to luxurious:

1. Essence Prettifying Lip Oil, SGD5

Formulated with Jojoba oil, Essence Prettifying Lip Oil comes in three shades – honey, pinky, and heart – to help you create different looks. It’s affordable and a good starter to the world of lip oils.

2. Sephora Collection Lip Oil Infusion Color & Care, SGD22

It comes with a standard applicator and is highly pigmented. Containing Kendi oil and shea butter, this lip oil may not have pigmentation that last that long, but the oil sets in quickly to help lock in moisture on your lips. This makes a great one to go for if you’re also looking for a lip oil that also provides you with some colour.

3. Clarins’ Instant Light’ Lit Comfort Oil, SGD36

This might just be the product that started the lip oil trend. Its fragrance has a hint of warm vanilla and honey, and the oil has a slightly thicker consistency to wrap lips comfortably and nourish them thoroughly. Packed with goodness from jojoba, hazel and sunflower seed oils, it is a great lipstick topper that you should never leave your home without.