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You’ve seen it all over TikTok. Trendsetters like the Kardashians, Bella Hadid, and Dua Lipa have been spotted wearing it. Now, it’s your turn to hop on the latest nail trend: the BIAB nail.

Before you get overwhelmed by the introduction of yet another nail formula, read on to get yourself up to speed on the ins and outs of BIAB nails!

Not sure where to start? We’ve also included 20 BIAB nail looks to inspire your next manicure!

What Are BIAB Nails?

BIAB Natural Ombre

Credits: @monika__nails/Instagram

BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) is a revolutionary product launched in 2015 by vegan nail brand, The Gel Bottle.

While BIAB nails have the strength and durability of acrylic nails, they’re fairly different in that BIAB is a soak-off soft gel specifically designed to be a protective overlay for your natural nails.

BIAB is thicker than your regular nail polish, yet gentler on the nail than acrylics are. It is designed to give  your nails extra strength and prevent breakage, which can be achieved by creating a shell that strengthens and encourages natural nail growth.

The finished result boasts a smooth, shiny, and polished look similar to gels, but with a slightly different application process.

As BIAB nail colours come in thicker gels, apply a layer of BIAB onto your nail, then spread it out evenly before coaxing the soft gel away from your cuticle.

20 BIAB Nail Looks to Try

Natural Ombre

BIAB Clear Ombre

Credits: @monika__nails/Instagram

Basic nudes are the mascots of BIAB nails—it’s what we picture when we think about this rising nail trend. A good set to embark on your nail journey with would be a simple ombre that embodies the signature look of BIAB’s natural nails.

Chrome Borders

BIAB Chrome Border

Credits: @gieos.room/Instagram

This look combines edginess with simplicity. It retains the healthy look of BIAB nails, all while adding a raucous flavour with the chrome borders.

Sweet Like Strawberries

BIAB Strawberry

Credits: @kuredstudio/Instagram

Elevate your milky BIAB nails with tiny strawberry decals; they’re simple yet adorable enough to steal the limelight with every wave of your hand—how berry cute!

Chrome Coquette

BIAB Ribbon White French Tips

Credits: @gieos.room/Instagram

You already know it: bows are all the rage now. Incorporating dainty little bows into the look is an easy way to level up your BIAB nails. One on every finger, please!

Glazed Doughnut

BIAB Glazed Donut

Credits: @amiri_studio/Instagram

When we think of BIAB nails, we think of the clean girl aesthetic, and when we think of ‘clean girls’, we think of Hailey Bieber. While she has sported many iconic nail looks, our favourite has got to be her viral glazed doughnut nails. A milky nude with a hint of shine is all you need to recreate it!

Cobalt Tips

BIAB Cobalt French Tips

Credits: @gieos.room/Instagram

Out with the old (white French tips) and in with the new (these cobalt blue French tips)! Just by switching up the colour of your French tips, you can add a whole lot of edge to your nails.

Cherry Blossoms

BIAB Pink Flowers Spring

Credits: @by_hannahtaylor/Instagram

Ring in the cherry blossom season with pastel pink floral nails. It’s sweet and simple—the perfect accessory in a photo of you holding up fallen cherry blossoms on your trip to Japan!

Y2K Tips


Credits: @daisydust_nails/Instagram

Stars are an icon in Y2K-esque nails, especially when drawn with chrome. You can elevate your classic French tips with trendy stars to spice up an otherwise simple look!

Tutti Frutti

BIAB Fruits And Veg

Credits: @amiri_studio/Instagram

Breathe life into your simple BIAB nails with adorable fruit and veggie nail art. With each fruit and vegetable boasting their own pop of colour, you’ll have a colourful set of nails with a good balance of subtlety and fun!


BIAB Blue Dots

Credits: @lillypalm__/Instagram

Simplicity is key when it comes to BIAB nails, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it. This look is fairly easy to achieve: all you need is two complementary nail colours, and you’re all good to go!

Pastel Tips

BIAB Heart Pastel Tips

Credits: @_beautybungalow/Instagram

Multi-coloured French tips are a fun way to add a pop of colour to your nails. For a girly and youthful look, you can opt for sweet pastels, topping them off with cute little heart trimmings!

Cherry Tips

BIAB Cherries Blue French Tips

Credits: @giangnail.ie/Instagram

Sugar, spice, and everything nice is how we’d describe this set of cherry French tips. Sometimes, all you need to elevate your look is adorable little cherries decorating your pastel tips!

Classic Floral

BIAB White Flowers Tips

Credits: @artdecom/Instagram

If white tips are too simple for you, you might wanna combine them with dainty little flowers for a feminine twist. This set is simple yet timeless, possibly even bridal nail-worthy!

Paddle Pop

BIAB Paddlepop

Credits: @thedailynailofficial/Instagram

BIAB nails are often done in natural shades like nudes and pinks. Steer away from that with a subtle Paddle Pop ombre that brings in a little twist without straying too far from BIAB Nails’ signature healthy nail look!

Tropical Tips

BIAB Orange

Credits: @miathelabel_/Instagram

Fruits are always a fun way to add some colour to your nails. This tropical set feels like a breath of fresh air amidst all the clean girl-inspired BIAB nail looks. It’s never too early to get your nails poolside-ready for the summer!

Heart Tips

BIAB Heart Tips

Credits: @lindseysbeautylounge1/Instagram

Heart decals are an easy way to elevate any nail look. Switch up the colours of the hearts to transform your look: These monochrome-coloured hearts create a classy set rich in opulence. Change them up with pastels, and you’ll find yourself a girly set to flaunt.

Nude Sparkles

BIAB Clear Sparkles

Credits: @nailsbynatashapaige/Instagram

While we can appreciate a good ol’ nude, there’s no harm in spicing things up with some sparkle embellishments. It keeps the look simple, with a hint of elegance. Opt for gold decals if you want to look expensive!

Alternate Colours

BIAB Green White

Credits: @lillypalm__/Instagram

All you need is two colours (or three, if you’re feeling bold) and alternate them on each finger. Just like that, you’ll get yourself a unique set of nails! Switch things up a bit by throwing in some French tips.

Blues & Bows

BIAB Ribbon Blue French

Credits: @gieos.room/Instagram

Who says BIAB nails have to be simple? Throw on some pretty chrome decals and switch up the colour of your French tips for a set your friends will envy!

Tulip Tips

BIAB Tulips

Credits: @by_georgiawhite/Instagram

Add a feminine touch to your BIAB nails with realistic floral nail art like the one pictured above. Tulips are a great choice for the spring!

Featured image credits: @monika__nails/Instagram, @kuredstudio/Instagram, @gieos.room/Instagram