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Korea has inspired so many of our skincare and makeup trends, and when it comes to alluring nail styles, it’s doing the same too.

“Blush nails” are a Korean nail style that’s trending on TikTok and the Chinese social media platform, Xiao Hong Shu. It’s caught our earnest attention too – not just because of the rosy, diffused spots that are featured in the centre of each nail, but also because the design is created using actual blush powders.

“Blush nails”

blush nails

That’s right, people are painting their blush manicures using the blush shades of their choice; they tap the powders onto the centre of the nail, doing so after they’ve applied a sheer base coat and before they’ve painted a clear top coat to seal it all in.

Just like how pinks and reds are the blush shades we choose to wear on our cheeks, “blush nails” also embrace a myriad of flushed, rosy hues.


The soft spots of blush in the centre of the nail create a gradient, soft-focused effect for the ultimately elegant style, and most blush manicures also feature a glossy, jelly texture that lends to its gentle design.


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So, whether you’re already excited to book an appointment at the nail salon or stash up on nail supplies to give yourself an at-home manicure, read on because we share 20 “blush nail” looks to get you inspired. Below, we give you tips on how you can create this trending nail style on your own too!

Best “blush nails” looks

Classic blush jelly nails

blush nails

Photo source: 香菇肥肥刘/Xiao Hong Shu

The most classic blush nail design features a gentle dab of pink (or in this design, a deeper purplish-pink hue) in the middle of the nail and a clear jelly texture. These ones make us think of fruit jellies that are the perfect sweet treat for a hot summer’s day.

Strawberry candy blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: 谁啊鱼/Xiao Hong Shu

The opaque white base makes these blush nails look less jelly-like and more crunchy in texture. Since they feature a lovely combination of creamy white and strawberry pink, they recall melt-in-your-mouth milky sweets and candy canes.

Rouge blush nails with slim French tip

blush nails

Photo source: 昕昕酱紫/Xiao Hong Shu

We absolutely adore the dusty rouge blush shade in the centre of these translucent nails. Paired with slim white French tips, these blush nails truly are the cherry on top of an elegant fit.

Squarish blush nails with slim French tip

blush nails

Photo source: SweetColor/Xiao Hong Shu

The shape of your nails can make a difference to the overall look of your manicure.

Whilst these blush nails boast the same design as the ones above, they’re painted on nails that are shorter and more squarish rather than long and rounded. It’s a blush nail style that’s super sophisticated and, at the same time, slightly more down-to-earth.

Mermaid tip blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: 苦叽汤圆💚/Xiao Hong Shu

Set your coffee cup down on a table at a quaint café or casually brush your hair away from your face, and you’ll have someone look twice at you – because of the teasing glimmer at the tips of your nails.

These blush nails flaunt a little mermaid shimmer; a slight shift and they transform from a pearlescent white to aurora pink.

Rose blush nails with glitter

blush nails

Photo source: le murmure/Xiao Hong Shu

These pink nails not only feature a delicate hint of colour in the centre of each nail, but it also has the loveliest rose illustrations and a sprinkle of glitter to give the ultimate rosy flush.

Blush nails with a rainbow of colours

blush nails

Photo source: 猫儿不吃草/ Xiao Hong Shu

These blush nails are designed with aurora flakes and crosses in many colours – yellow, blue, purple, and green, which put a creative twist on an elegant blush manicure style.

Matte blush nails with rainbows

blush nails

Photo source: cokomorebi/Xiao Hong Shu

The most common blush nail design is one with a jelly-like, translucent finish, but these are evidently one-of-a-kind with their matte finish. The matte finish diffuses the soft splash of colour even more, making the nails seems even more blurry and soft-focused from afar.

The rainbow, heart, and sparkle designs also bring a cheerful pop of colour to this otherwise subtle, soft nail style.

Powerpuff blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: @yoinail/Instagram

Who says you can’t mix and match translucent blush nails with eye-catching, opaque designs?

This manicure blends a jelly-like blush nail design with bold-patterned pink and whites. The repeated heart-within-heart recalls the Powerpuff Girls and the other two blush nails make the smaller hearts look like they’re glowing.

Blush nails with red and white hearts

blush nails

Photo source: 是你的小仙女呀✨/Xiao Hong Shu

These dusty rouge blush nails would already be super adorable on their own: add the littlest red and white hearts that decorate the tips of the nails, and we can’t help but fall head over heels in love.

Rose and pearls blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: 肉丸不嘟嘟/ Xiao Hong Shu

How can you go wrong featuring timeless romantic rose stalks and classic pearls in your blush nails manicure? The pearl accessories match the creamy base of the nails, and the green on the rose’s leaves is a refreshing breakaway from the white-pink manicure theme.

Hollow heart blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: 炸鸡汉堡包/ Xiao Hong Shu

The alluring see-through quality of these nails isn’t just seen in the translucent blush design, but also the hollow hearts and triangular French tips. Paired with some silver glitter and these blush nails look more limpid than ever.

Blue French tip blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: 新品薯/Xiao Hong Shu

French tips let you play around with colour whilst still keeping your blush nails a classic rosy hue. This raspberry blush shade goes especially well with the pastel blue tips of the manicure.

Summer flush blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: 新品薯/Xiao Hong Shu

When it comes to blush styles, one of our favourites is “sun-kissed”: an easy sweep of warm blush on the cheekbones and across the nose, sometimes paired with freckles for an extra summery feel.

Since we can’t think blush without thinking sun-kissed, this blush nail design especially calls out to us.

The drizzle of watermelon pink in the centre of each nail, coupled with zesty lemon slices and orange French tips makes us think of cocktails, beach chairs, and just endless, endless summer.

Deep diffused blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: 给你一口甜🌰/Xiao Hong Shu

Although a blush manicure is most commonly characterised by a soft spot of pink at the centre of the nail, there are also more diffused blush styles like this one, where the rosy hue spreads across almost the entire surface.

If you’re aiming less for a gradient design and more for a jelly-like texture, then this nail design is spot-on (or should we say spot-less). Plus, the adorable raised clear heart further lends to the gummy-like appearance of the manicure.

Purple aurora blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: 有空一起遛狗/Xiao Hong Shu

The opaque pastel purple on the nails’ tips and the sheer, shifting amethyst hues in the centre complement each other as well as the blush pink nail design perfectly.

Cloud blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: AMDMG美甲/Xiao Hong Shu

We could savour this soft mix of blurry blush and fluffy white clouds all day. This manicure also swaps out a centre-blush for a tip-of-the-nail blush design, creating a subtle gradient that ends with an elegant white French tip.

Quirky coloured blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: 本宫阿喵/Xiao Hong Shu

Bring a cheerful note to your sophisticated blush manicure with cute, quirky, and colourful designs like the ones featured in this photo. The smiley face with yellow spots of heart-shaped blush is enough to put a smile on our own faces.

Sparkling blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: @connie.wi/TikTok


♬ –

Sprinkle a little glitter on a classic “blush nails” manicure, and you’ll get this gorgeous set of sparkling blush nails. The shimmer elevates your manicure from lovely to extra-dreamy, making them suitable for all your day-to-night looks!

Colourful glow blush nails

blush nails

Photo source: @aloeitsvera/TikTok

Although shades of pinks are most apt for a blush nail style, you can switch up your manicure with “blushes” in a plethora of colours too. These unique ones feature “blushes” in pastel green, blue, orange, and purple, against vanilla white, giving an illusion of a holographic glow.

How to create blush nails

The most-worn blush colours aren’t the only reason this soft pale pink to rosy red manicure style has its name. Blush nails are, in fact, created using actual blush powders – though, if you want an alternative option, you can use your eyeshadow powders too.

Yes, the soft pink spots in the centre of the nails are created by dipping a small, fluffy brush into the blush shade of choice, and applying it to a dried coat of light gel polish. A top coat is applied to seal in the powder and, voilà – a beautiful set of blush nails.

Simple blush nails

For a simple pink blush manicure, you can take a leaf out of @jessyluxe’s book.


blushing jelly #nails tutorial! i tried using real blush and it turned out so well ☺️ #jellynails #nailart #nailtutorial

♬ doughnut – ‘•.¸♡♡¸.•’

Step 1: Apply a sheer and light-coloured gel polish. You can choose light pinks, vanilla whites, or a creamy beige, depending on how you want your blush nails to look.

Step 2: Cure your nails for 30 seconds – they should still be tacky when you remove them from under the UV lamp. This will allow you to brush on the blush powder in the next step.

Step 3: Dab light pink blush powder (or eyeshadow) to the centre of all your nails first, then use a brush to blend them out after.

Step 4: Using a small brush, stamp a darker pink blush powder to the centre of the lighter pink spots. You don’t need to blend it out.

Step 5: Finally, apply a top coat and then cure the nails for 60 seconds.

Sparkling blush nails

For a sparkling blush nail manicure, @connie.wi’s TikTok tutorial gives some great tips too. She uses nail tips for her manicure, but you can also create this same blush look directly on your digits.


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♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Step 1: Apply a pinkish-nude gel polish to your nails as a base colour.

Step 2: Cure your nails. She doesn’t say for how long, but you can do it for 30 seconds, same as you would for a simple blush manicure.

Step 3: Tap a deeper pink blush or eyeshadow onto the centre of your nails, creating a gradient (between the darker blush spot and lighter base polish) by blending it out.

Step 4: Apply glitter polish over the centre blush spot.

Step 5: Cut translucent aurora film into tiny, uneven pieces so that they look like shattered glass, and then arrange them over the glitter polish.

Step 6: Cure your nails a second time.

Step 7: Apply a layer of glossy top coat over your nails. Before this top coat dries, scatter tiny rhinestones over the centre blush spot. @connie.wi uses about two to three rhinestones for each nail.

Step 8: Cure your nails for 60 seconds, and you will have your finished sparkling blush nail look!

Nail polishes to try

AIMEILI Gel Polish UV & LED Soak Off Set of Four

AIMEILI Gel Polish UV & LED Soak Off Set of Four

Since “blush nails” usually use a light shade for the base, AIMEILI’s Gel Polish UV & LED Soak Off Set of Four is a staple set to nail this manicure style.

The set includes four shades of gel polish, which are a pale pink, a creamy beige, a peachy pink, and a Barbie pink – all light enough to use as a base for your “blush nails”. These polishes also give a sheer finish, though you can apply more layers to achieve a solid opaque colour if you desire.

AIMEILI Gel Polish UV & LED Soak Off Set of Four retails for S$20.24. Click on the link below for the most updated price.


VENALISA Silver Glitter Gel Nail Polish

VENALISA Silver Glitter Gel Nail Polish

Add a hint of sparkle to your blush manicure with VENALISA’s Silver Glitter Gel Nail Polish. This gel nail polish should be cured for 90 to 120 seconds, before you apply a glossy top coat to achieve your desired “blush nails”.

VENALISA Silver Glitter Gel Nail Polish retails for S$36.75. Click on the link below for the most updated price.


FANZEST Diamond Rose Gold Gel Nail Polish

FANZEST Diamond Rose Gold Gel Nail Polish

If you’d like the glitter on your “blush nails” to shift between silver and elegant rose gold, then apply FANZEST’s Diamond Rose Gold Gel Nail Polish over the “blush” spot instead. This gel polish should last on your nails for up to 15 days.

FANZEST Diamond Rose Gold Gel Nail Polish retails for S$23.43. Click on the link below for the most updated price.


TWINKLE1 Aurora Broken Glass Film in five colours

TWINKLE1 Aurora Broken Glass Film in five colours

These aurora films can be cut up into tinier pieces to be scatted over the glitter polish layer of your “blush nails”. You can choose between a pinkish-purple, green-orange-pink, and green-clear shift, to name a few.

TWINKLE1 Aurora Broken Glass Film in five colours retails for S$1.90. Click on the link below for the most updated price.


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