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Forget pumpkin spice lattes; there’s a new crimson craze sweeping the web and taking over fingertips. TikTok’s current favourite nail shade is “Boston University Red”!

Red nails are making a stylish comeback, thanks to TikTok trends like the “cherry mocha” nails. So, if you’re itching to know all about this nail sensation and how to nail it, keep scrolling because we’ve got all the deets!

What’s the Buzz Around This Nail Colour?


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Red manicures have always been a classic choice, and “Boston University Red” is an extension of that timeless obsession. Created by DND, this nail colour is described as “the perfect scarlet red, not too dark, not too bright.”

Photo credit: Pantone

This shade draws inspiration from BU Red — #CC0000 or Pantone’s 186 — two of Boston University’s official hues alongside black.

The “Boston University Red” shade aligns with TikTok’s “Red Nail Theory,” claiming that wearing red attracts attention, especially from men. Whether you believe in the theory or not, it’s worth trying out!

How To Get “Boston University Red” Nails


obsesseddd with the shape too 🥹 #rednails #bostonuniversityred #cherryrednails

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Once you’ve got your hands on the colour, it’s all about sticking to your regular manicure routine.

Begin by removing any existing polish with nail polish remover. Trim and file your nails to your desired length, followed by buffing the nail surface and applying your preferred base coat.

With your nails prepped, apply two to three coats of the Boston University Red polish, allowing it to dry. After drying, add a layer of your favourite top coat and some nail oil to keep your digits healthy.

You can stop there or use the colour as your canvas for a variety of red nail looks—chrome, dark-to-darker red ombré, or go bold with it as an accent for festive holiday nails.


Get creative with Christmas-themed nails in this colour. Photo credit: @madisonbrake_/Pinterest.


Try a beautiful gradient chrome nail style with this amazing shade. Photo credit: @nailsxmina/Instagram.

The choice is yours, and you’ll be right on trend!

Boston University Red Nail Polishes To Try

DND Gel Polish Boston University Red (#429)


DND Gel Polish Boston University Red #429 retails for US$10 (~S$13.30) on DND’s Official Website.

While this eye-catching shade might not be sitting on the shelves of your local stores, consider parcel forwarding services like MyUS to get your hands on this stunning colour!

For that specific viral sensation shade, it’s best to stick with the original. But if you’re open to alternatives, check out some similar shades to help you nail that desired look.

Butter London Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer (Her Majesty’s Red)


Butter London Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer (Her Majesty’s Red) retails for S$29 at Sephora online.

Sephora Collection Color Hit Nail Polish (L199 Chic Tropique)


Sephora Collection Color Hit Nail Polish (L199 Chic Tropique) retails for S$9.90 at Sephora online.

So, are you up for trying out this nail colour for your next manicure?

Featured image credits: @hannahcolombo/TikTok, @dndgel/TikTok, @madisonbrake_/Pinterest.