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There might have been a series that had you hooked from start to finish recently – yes, we’re talking about the Netflix period drama Bridgerton. Often described as a Gossip Girl x Pride and Prejudice crossover, the eight-episode show was nothing short of swoon-worthy relationships, juicy scandals, and gorgeous 1800s fashion and architecture!

Set in the Regency era of London’s Ton during the social season (when debutantes are presented at court), Bridgerton has spawned many trends and played a part in popularising Regency fashion and hair on social media.

Step into the Regency era

If you’re unfamiliar with the show or time period, we’re breaking it down for you right here.

Commonly mistaken for the Victorian era (1837 onwards), the Regency era was actually Pre-Victorian times and lasted from 1811 – 1821.


Considered as a less morally strict era than the prudish Victorian era, the ladies of the Regency era donned narrow, slender gowns with empire-waists, showing off billowy silhouettes, opulent touches like pearls, large jewels and soft, romantic makeup.

While dressing the part certainly exudes the elegance of a Regency era lady, nailing the makeup definitely ties the whole look in together. Imagine Daphne attending the ball in… smokey glam makeup? No, that’s surely not it.

Regencycore makeup inspired by Bridgerton


Think creamy, matte skin, accentuated and coloured cheekbones and soft pinks, as seen on Daphne Bridgerton, the diamond of the season who was personally complimented by the Queen herself. That’s Regencycore makeup for you!


Hair and makeup artist for the hit show Lynda J Pearce took to Instagram to share the products and steps she used to turn Phoebe Dynevor into the beloved Daphne Bridgerton, and we’ve got all the details for you right here.

Below, we break down how you can achieve Regencycore makeup and look the part of a British high society lady (sans the posh accent, though)!

Regencycore makeup: Prepping the skin

As with any makeup look, a prepped and primed skin base is crucial for the products to apply on smoothly and look great. Start off by applying a face primer, making sure you pat it down and that it spreads evenly.

Lynda swears by the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer (S$59), and recommends rubbing in two pumps of the primer with your fingers and you’ll instantly see brightened, radiant skin.

Regencycore makeup: The base


The look that we’re trying to go for here is light and matte, so throw any thoughts of caking and baking you have out of the window! In fact, opt for a lightweight foundation that has a highly blendable formula and will give you a lighter finish .


Lynda applies the SPF water-based Chanel Vitalumiere Fluide (S$97.95) foundation with a flat foundation brush, starting with a few light strokes across the forehead, and buffing it out with a buffer brush using circular motions. This takes away excess product (so you’ll end up using less), and gives the skin a nice, soft finish. She then repeat the same steps on the nose, cheeks and chin.

Don’t forget to base your eyelid too, using the buffer brush to work it upwards and outwards.

Neck And Decotallage

And one of the biggest makeup faux pas – when your face and neck doesn’t match in colour!

Lynda emphasises the importance of basing the neck, working in upward strokes with a buffer brush, and admits that sometimes, she would even have to go down to the decotallage depending on how low cut the dress Daphne’s dress was.


Follow it up with powder to prevent the foundation from rubbing off and give off a long-lasting, flawless complexion.


Lynda uses the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre (S$99.95), a natural finish loose powder that goes well with the Chanel foundation previously used. Dabbing a flat diamond brush into the powder, she taps off the excess and lightly dusts all over the face to avoid a cakey look. Flawless, my dear!


Eye primer

You’ll want to prime your eyelids too, but only very lightly since eyeshadow’s going over it. Keep in mind to apply the primer only on the eyelid area where your eyeshadow would go, which depends on your eye size and shape.

Eye Primer

Using the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (S$35), she sweeps the tinted primer across the eyelid with a flat brush to work up a base eyeshadow, finishing it off by going over the eyelids with a bit of powder in one quick sweep.



Lynda takes the M.A.C eyeshadow shade Malt, a softened, medium brown with warm undertones and gently brushes it on the socket line, then flicks it upwards in the outer corner to create a shadow without a heavy colour.

As everyone’s skin tone is different, there is no one set colour to use for your eyes, but she recommends a shade that is about two shades darker than your skin tone to create that subtle shadow and depth on the lids.


Yes, we see you reaching for your trusty liquid eyeliner, but hold on there a minute! Your eyeliners will create too harsh of a line, so we’re going to be using a deep dark brown eyeshadow (Lynda uses M.A.C’s Brun) to create your “eyeliner” instead.


With an angled brush, Lynda marks a line on the bottom lash line, then smudging it up and outwards to lift the outer corners of the eye.

Pro tip: Clean up any fallout with a cotton bud dipped in a makeup remover or micellar water, gently rolling it on the eyebags.

Under Eye Concealer

Undereye Concealer

Eyebags… dark circles… It’s okay, we all struggle with that, but it’s nothing a little concealer can’t fix! Dab and blend your concealer on the undereye area, working it above the line where the dark circle ends, then lightly dust with some powder.

Lynda uses the Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat (S$55.95), which has a brightening effect on the eye area.


Start off by brushing your brows upwards with a spoolie, then with outward motions from the arch onwards. Fill in the gaps in your brows with tiny strokes, and you can even extend the eyebrow tail down a little.


Lynda raves about the M.A.C Veluxe Brow Liner (S$39) which draws fine lines on one end, and has a spoolie on the other, because who doesn’t love 2-in-1 products? She also swears by the No. 7 Beauty Lash and Brow Perfector (£8.50) to set the brows in place. As Queen Charlotte said, “A pairing like that, well, would certainly be most enchanting indeed.”


The first thing we noticed about the ladies in Bridgerton when we first saw their faces, was most definitely their pink, flushed cheeks. Here’s how you can replicate that look too, all with just a cream blusher and no highlighter needed!


To achieve the natural flush, smile and gently dot a cream blush on the apple of your cheek, rubbing it in circular motions and then buffing it out. You’ll want to avoid going too heavy on the cheekbones and over contouring, as the cheeks and blush are more prominent in the Regencycore makeup concept.

Want the leading lady Daphne Bridgerton’s rosy pink cheeks? Lynda uses the Stila Cream Blush (S$38) in the shade Lilium. You’re welcome!



To create Daphne’s natural-looking, yet striking lashes, the leading lady herself Phoebe Dynevor (who plays Daphne Bridgerton) would use an eyelash curler starting in the middle like a normal curl and then adding extra emphasis on the outer edge.

Lynda then brushes on a thin coat of Clinique Lash Power Mascara ($33.50) in Dark Chocolate to complete the natural eye look.

Pro- tip: Start at the root, gently wiggling your wand upwards to avoid clumps and for a high colour payoff!


Finish off the look with the lips, starting with a brown liner on the cupid’s bow and the centre of the bottom lip for a natural pout, and a tinted lip balm if you’d like. Remember, less is more!


Lynda layered Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat Pillow Talk Intense (S$37) under the moisturising Dr. PawPaw Multipurpose Soothing Balm (S$13), which she doesn’t ever go without!

The Final Look

And there you have it, the soft, romantic, natural-looking Bridgerton-inspired makeup!

Final Look I

With such a light and soft colour palette, we think it’s suitable even for everyday look, and not just when you’re channeling your inner 1800’s aristocratic lady. Given enough practice, we think you’ll be able to nail this look in under 15 minutes too!

Final Look Ii

Makeup inspo from the characters

Daphne Bridgerton


Violet, Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton


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