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Those who work in an office with a stricter dress code will probably never be able to colour their hair in a shade other than brown. But hey, before you sigh at the reminder, let us cheer you up by telling you that brown hair doesn’t have to be boring!

Besides going for a stylish and flattering cut, you can also request for some of the trendiest shades of brown that are still work-appropriate – and own the look.

Not sure how to jazz up brown hair shade? Read this list of brown hair colour variants that you should ask for at your next salon appointment.

1. Greige




Greige – which is a mix of grey and beige – is one of the trendiest colours that many fashionistas go for. And the best part about greige is that it looks awesome as a brown shade and can be adjusted to go darker or lighter, depending on your skin tone.

Greige gives a platinum tone to your hair colour, which gives you that urban-chic look that the Korean fashion scene is so fond of – no sunglasses necessary.

2. Dark roots




Once frowned upon by the stylish crowd, grunge-y, darker roots have made a decided comeback. Bonus points if your roots are much darker than the dyed parts, giving you the too-cool-for-school-look. If you’re comfortable in your zone of office-safe browns but want a little switch up, let the root touch-ups wait- you can always do them later, procrastination is encouraged here (only).

3. Warm chestnuts




If you want to radiate pureness and innocence (or at least look it), without wearing the same shade of dark brown over and over again, chestnut brown is the perfect choice. This slightly warmer shade will brighten up your appearance and give you a lively look, and is both work and weekend-away friendly. This is also a shade that complements most Asian skin tones.

4. Medium brown




Despite its boring name, this color has been the go-to choice of your favourite K-pop stars. A crowd-pleaser, this popular shade is sure to look good on everyone, but if you’re still seeking jazz things up, try lighter, honey colored highlights.

5. Highlights




The easiest and cheapest way to change up your look and make brown hair stand out more: highlights. And there are so many styles to choose from: balayages, babylights, and (s)ombrés… the list goes on. If you’re in for a more subtle look, choose a less obvious highlight colour two tones lighter than your hair, or, for a more eye-catching look, try much lighter highlights.

6. Black brown





The ultimate “good girl” hair colour that remains one of the most popular shades to go for today. The reason? Dark hair helps enhance the radiance of your complexion and can help to accentuate your features too. To refrain from looking boring and drab, choose a not-so-boring haircut or hairstyle, like more intricate braids, or a pixie cut.

7. Rose Brown




For an ultra-trendy “moody” look, switch up your usual color for this mid-toned red brown. Feeling even more adventurous? Try the purple-brown “lychee” chair color (third picture) that looks refreshingly different yet still subtle enough to pass as a brown.

8. Milk tea brown



This is one of the hottest hair trends now, and is sometimes called the “tiramisu brown hair colour”. The look includes a range of matt brown shades that are inspired by the milk tea – depending on how much milk is added to it.

9. Blue-brown

Blue Brown Hair 1
Blue Brown Hair 2

If your office culture is a little more liberal, you can consider pushing the envelop with a look that has brown as a base and dark blue as highlights or the other way around. This gives more dimensions to your hair colour and keep the look interesting.