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Science meets art in this latest nail trend. The viral cat eye heart nails have been making waves on the internet, spurring many to DIY this trend themselves!

If you keep up with nail trends, then you are no stranger to the “cat eye” manicure.

Famously known for resembling a gleaming cat eye under the shining light, the cat eye nail polish is made up of metallic particles that can be pulled to the surface of the nail using a magnet.

The cat eye heart utilises the same magnetic nail polish, with an additional step to create these adorable glitter hearts the internet has been gushing over.

Credits: @nail_mule/Instagram

If you’ve been just as enamoured as we are by this viral nail trend, read on for tips on how you can DIY these nails yourself and different looks you can get inspo from!

How To Create the Heart Cat-Eye Nail?

Like other cat-eye nails, a magnetic wand is used to draw the nail polish in different directions to create various designs. Apply that same logic to the cat-eye heart: all you need is a paper clip to push the metallic particles into your desired shape.


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First, uncoil a paper clip into one straight rod and fold the rod in half. A medium-sized paper clip is recommended for ease of use.

Then, hold onto both ends of the paper clip and twist its folded body. (Pro tip: it would be easier to twist it with a plier!) The two ends will then form a V-shape.

Bend the remaining parts of the paper clip and lightly bend the V-shaped tips inwards, in the direction of where your nail will be. Attach the folded side of the paper clip to a magnetic wand to create a paper clip wand.

Lastly, angle the paper clip wand above the area of your nail that you want to create the heart design on and let the magnetic force do its job!

10 Heart Cat-Eye Nail Looks To Try

Blush Pink

Credits: @broomy_nail/Instagram

Blush pink has got to be the most popular nail colour choice for this trend, and with good reason. The sweet, demure colour perfectly complements the glistening heart effect, making this a simple yet enviable set!

My Nails But Better

Credits: @young__nail__/Instagram

Like all things nude, this look is subtle yet classy. The shimmery heart takes centre stage against the nude background, drawing just enough attention to what matters most. This look is a good option for those who like to keep it simple.

Mermaid Mani

Credits: @young__nail__/Instagram

If we had to imagine what a mermaid’s manicure would look like, this would be it. This pale turquoise set combines the heart cat eye with glitters and pearls, coming together for an ethereal set with aquatic elements.

Better With Bows

Credits: @_gongvely_nail/Instagram

Everything is better with bows—even your heart cat eye manicure! We love the idea of placing cute little bows in the centre of each heart, spicing up the dainty look with a girly touch.

Denim Blue

Credits: @howrin_house/Instagram

Denim blue is in and there’s no better way to wear this colour than on your fingertips!

This shade has the right amount of everything – its soft hue beautifully complements the dainty hearts yet strays away from the typical pinks and beiges for an edgy twist.

Taste the Rainbow

Credits: @dayoungnail/Instagram

Can’t decide which colour to go for? How about all? Paint each nail a different colour and watch every heart glisten differently under the light.

To keep it cohesive, you can group similar shades together, like how the blues and greens line up like colours in a rainbow, transitioning into everyone’s favourite pinks.

Paddle Pop

Credits: @hyunzzang_/Instagram

The faint Paddle Pop gradient makes a unique base for the heart cat eye design. If you want something different while keeping to pastel colours, you can opt for gradient nail colours like this!

Love Is in the Air

Credits: @dayoungnail/Instagram

What better way to emphasise the heart cat-eye effect than to throw heart sequins onto those nails? We love the striking red decals that stand out against the muted pink base colour — a tasteful combination of feminine colours and romantic details!

Silver Lining

Credits: @_gongvely_nail/Instagram

You can’t go wrong with silver glitter. Light hits the chrome-like glitter particles in the best ways, yet doesn’t take the attention away from the hearts adorning each nail.

Neon Hearts

Credits: @dayoungnail/Instagram

If you want your hearts to pop even more, you could opt for cat-eye nail polish with glitter in a different colour. This will make the heart a different colour from the base, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Bunny Heart Cat Eye Nails

Credits: @choharu.made/Instagram

Just when we thought the heart cat eye was peak creativity, nail artists found a way to manipulate the magnetic particles to create more unique designs.

One that caught our eye is the bunny design. When paired with the adorable cat-eye hearts, you get an elevated set of nails!

Featured image credits: @_gongvely_nail/Instagram, @howrin_house/Instagram