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Whether you’re preparing for Chinese New Year or if you’re preparing for a traditional Chinese wedding, you’re probably going to be looking up the internet for some stylish hairstyles to go with your beautiful cheongsam. It can be difficult to sift through millions of pictures, including unrelated ones, on Pinterest, so we’ve gone ahead and done the hard work for you by compiling a list of the best cheongsam hairstyles for your easy reference!

1. Loose waves short hair

“Short hair is boring!” Say what? We dare you to say it again. In this video, professional stylist and blogger Becki Crosby teaches us her favourite way to style her pixie hair. This is the ultimate ‘do for chic ladies who have a fond appreciation for loose waves and curls.

2. Easy braided updo

cheongsam hairstyles

Are your braiding skills as amazing as Chris Pratt’s? A Practical Wedding has come up with an elaborate guide to tying this frizz-free and sophisticated hairdo. If you’re up to the challenge, go for it. We promise you that this is one of the most classic cheongsam hairstyles you could go for!

3. Half Braid

cheongsam hairstyles

Ahoy, warrior princess! Get strong bobby pins and springy rubber bands, and put your nimble fingers to the test. Let’s see if this cheongsam hairstyle look could upstage that pretty little sister of yours. No hard feelings?

4. Low braided bun

cheongsam hairstyles - low braided bun

The low braided bun is made for the low maintenance girl. In the interest of saving time, we’d like to recommend you this fuss-free guide. A two-minute coiffure doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be an unattractive look – just look at how sleek and put together this cheongsam hairstyle is!

5. Low braided updo

Here’s one of the most classic cheongsam hairstyles you can do. All you have to do is part your hair in the centre and tie two braids. Then, cross the braids and secure them to the rest of your hair with sturdy bobby pins and you’ll get this attractive updo!

6. Braided crown

If you have longer hair, you might want to try this braided crown that will make you feel like a princess.

Tip: Add on a few flowers too for a more ethereal look.

7. Simple bohemian hair

This is one of the most timeless cheongsam hairstyles you can do. So, enough said.

8. Faux fishtail braid

Just when you thought braids are everywhere, here’s a new endearing twist. The faux fishtail braid may be time-consuming, but take a look at the end result! One thing is for sure: Queen Elsa would approve.

9. Victoria’s Secret Hair

Already sick of braids and buns? We apologise. Here’s an alternative cheongsam hairstyle that will surely complement your outfit well. Yowza, curls have never looked so good before.

10. Half updo

There’s just something about half updos that look so effortlessly chic. Pair any half updo hairstyle with a cheongsam and you’ll look even more elegant than before! We can assure you that this is certainly one of the best cheongsam hairstyles to go for, especially since it’s so easy to do!

11. French twist updo

Buns are always a classic look, but instead of doing a normal bun, how about adding a French twist to it? This French twist updo looks just like it has been professionally styled by a hairstylist, but truth be told, it’s actually way easier than it looks! In fact, it only takes you a minute to do.

Just follow the detailed steps in the tutorial and you’ll soon be ready to flaunt one of the most elegant cheongsam hairstyles ever!

12. Space buns

If you’re looking for more traditional cheongsam hairstyles, go for the space bun look! This is a common hairstyle worn by many Chinese women back in the days, and this will look gorgeous with a fitted cheongsam!

13. Space buns 2.0

Afraid you won’t be able to rock the space buns look? How about trying the space buns 2.0 look instead? This is certainly one of the more modern cheongsam hairstyles as it combines a halfdo and the traditional hairstyle.

14. French braid

If you want to spice up your normal braids, opt for this French braid look with braids that extend towards the top of your hair. This is one of the most seamless cheongsam hairstyles and it is perfect for those who want to keep their fringe away from their faces!

15. Lace braid ponytail

Don’t have much time to spare for your hairstyle? Don’t fret, because this lace braid ponytail will likely take you less than two minutes to complete. This is one of the most chic cheongsam hairstyles you can opt for and it looks so effortlessly elegant that we can foresee you wearing this every other day too!

16. Braided pigtails

Here’s one of the easiest cheongsam hairstyles you can go for, and while it doesn’t require a lot of effort to do, it still looks very attractive and it will complement your outfit well!

17. Easy top bun

Those with thin hair may struggle to do up a voluminous top bun, but once you follow this secret tip, you’ll be able to sport this look with the illusion of volume and thickness just like everyone else.

This is one of the best cheongsam hairstyles you can go for, and the best part is, it can be done under two minutes!